Egyptian Archaeology 57

Autumn 2020


Chasing shadows: graffiti in the Eighth Pylon at Karnak, Elizabeth Frood, Chiara Salvador and Ellen Jones

The discovery of a Roman catacomb at North Saqqara, Nozomu Kawai

Re-evaluating Petrie at Hawara, Campbell Price

Excavations in Petrie’s camp in Dendera, Sylvain Dhennin

EES Impact Report 2019–20

Digging Diary 2020

Egyptian voices: the Abydos Temple Paper Archive, Mohamed Abu el-Yazid and Ayman Damarany

Object biographies and human practice: launching PROCESS, Gianluca Miniaci, Camilla Saler and Vanessa Forte

Scribes at work: documenting Theban Tombs 61, 82 and 87, Lucía Díaz-Iglesias Llanos

Behold the falcon gods: new finds from Kom el-Hettan, Hourig Sourouzian