Egyptian Archaeology 54

Spring 2019


Twelfth Dynasty funerary gardens in Thebes, José Maria Galan and David García

The Ptah temple at Karnak and its Roman neighbourhood, Benjamin Durand

'The one who illuminates Thebes': an epigraphic study, Clémentine Audoit and Elena Panaite

Rediscoveries in the EES archives, Carl Graves

A recent discovery: the flint mines of North Galala, François Briois and Béatrix Midant-Reynes

A necropolis in the Louvre: cemetery M of Zawyet Sultan, Gianluca Miniaci and Patricia Rigault

Following in Petrie's footsteps: the Naqada Regional Survey, Geoffrey J. Tassie

Piecing together the dispersed tomb of Ry at Saqqara, Nico Staring