Egyptian Archaeology 50

Spring 2017


Living colour: The Met Museum’s Temple of Dendur, Erin A. Peters and Diana Craig Patch

The early temple of Ptah at Karnak, Guillaume Charloux and Christophe Thiers

Matariya 2016: Ramesside dynasties at Heliopolis, Aiman Ashmawy and Dietrich Raue

Discovered, lost, rediscovered: Userhat and Khonsuemheb, Nozomu Kawai

Shabtis from tombs MMA 1151 and 1152 in western Thebes, Marta Kaczanowicz

Catching up with the Colossi: the 2015-16 seasons, Hourig Sourouzian

King Sahure in Elkab, Dirk Huyge

One Theban tomb, 1000 years of burial, Margaret Maitland