Egyptian Archaeology 49

Autumn 2016


Coptos: the sacred precincts in Ptolemaic and Roman times, Laure Pantalacci and Cédric Gobeil

Bouriant at Amarna: an almost forgotten French mission, Delphine Driaux

Understanding pottery and people at the Amarna Stone Village, Anna Garnett

The ‘Slaughterhouse Archive’ of the Seti Temple at Abydos, Ayman M Damarany and Hazem Salah

An archery set from Dra Abu el-Naga, David García and José M. Galán

The early Ramesside occupants of tomb MIDAN.05, Marilina Betrò and Gianluca Miniaci

Finds from Elkab: revealing the origins of the settlement, Wouter Claes and Dirk Huyge

Buried bronzes: caches of the Sacred Animal Necropolis, Sanda Heinz and Elsbeth van der Wilt