Not shown on the ESA 1996 1:50,000 map (Hosh Isa sheet). Visited by Neal Spencer in 2004, who reports as follows:

A grass-covered kom, with gentle undulating topography. There are concentrations of modern rubbish in several parts of the site. Small amounts of fired- and mud-brick fragments were noted on the surface, but no structural remains were visible. The surface of the kom was littered with coarse-ware amphora toes, handles and body sherds, including some late Roman and Coptic examples, the latter with painted red decoration on a buff slip. Other notable pottery included sherds from a 4th-7th century AD zir. At the north-eastern corner of the site, a 10cm fragment of basalt stone lies on the surface.

Surveyed in 2007-8 by J. Trampier, and surface pottery collected. See Trampier, J. 2014. Landscape Archaeology of the Western Nile Delta, 108-15, 124-28, 131-33, 135. 

Photograph taken by Neal Spencer in 2004