Roman site located on the north side of Dundit village. Visited by Friedman-Buck survey 1992:

'Some mudbrick architecture on NE side and small amount of human bone. Area of 3 feddans was demolished for land fill in 1912, as reported by Edgar. Found during demolition: leg and crown of grey granite colossus of Rameses II; inscribed granite and limestone blocks of Rameses II; Graeco-Roman bronze folding stand. All probably taken from Tell el Moqdam, present location unknown.

The site is now reduced to a small mound topped by Sheikh's tomb. Red granite sarcophagus (still on site). The red granite sarcophagus, located on the northwest side of the mound, still partially buried, is oval in shape and uninscribed. This site may be equivalent to Kom Mit Nagi on the Description map. Quartzite millstone with inscription of Nectanebo II noted in village. No pottery earlier than Roman noted.'