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Information on the archaeological sites of the Delta is presented here in the form web-pages containing an alphabetical listing of sites. Where a substantial amount of information is available, or photographs of the site exist, links are provided to supplementary pages. The site-names in most cases are those of the Survey of Egypt maps. The material is offered as a source of reference and a tool for the planning of new projects.  The letters 'T' and 'K' in the lists stand for 'Tell' and 'Kom' respectively, Arabic words for 'mound', describing the usual appearance of archaeological sites in the region.

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Name Location
Map ref.
Extent No. Notes Literature
Sheikh Ibrahim, K 10km N of Buto 31 16 51N
30 45 06E
660 x 521 x 10.4m in 2003
244 Mapped and described by a team led by P Wilson in 2003. Visted again in 2018. The site is a long and narrow from north to south, with the main mound at the north end and a second mound at the south. The edges of the tell are flat, elevated about 1m above the fields. Details SoE 1:100,000 (1916); ESA 1:50,000 NH36-M2c and NH36-M2d. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090125. See Wilson, P. and Spencer, N., 'Ancient sites of Beheira and Kafr es-Sheikh', in EA 24 (Spring 2004), 10-11.
Sheikh Ismail, K el-
(K Abu Ismail)
NE of Desuq 31 14 41N
30 42 09E
631 x 570 x 8.53m in 2003
251 DAI test 1983: Ptolemaic and Roman material noted. ESA 1996 map marks site as Tell Kafri [ruins], with name Kom Abu Ismail in parentheses.
Mapped by P Wilson in 2003. Details
SoE 1:100,000 (1916); ESA 1:50,000 (1996) map NH 36-M2a. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090168 (as Kom Ismail).
Sheikh Nabawi, T NW of Abu Kebir 30 46 59N
31 38 39E
125 x 90 x 3m
559 Amsterdam University survey of 1984-5 reported the site was covered by modern graves. No visible features or sherds. It stands in fields. SoE 1:25,000 series, 89/675; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff.
Sheikh Nasreddin, T N of Dundit 30 41 29N
31 18 30E
50 x 40 x 4m high
508 Roman site located at the north end of Dundit village. Visited by Friedman-Buck survey 1992. Some mudbrick architecture on NE side. Area of 3 feddans was demolished for land fill in 1912, as reported by Edgar. Details PM IV, 39; Edgar, 'Report on the Demolition of Tell Sheikh Nasreddin', ASAE 13 (1913), 122-4. 
Sheikh Said Ahmed, K 8km W of Dilingat 30 50 46N
30 27 10E
160 x 120m
632 A low mound, edges cut fairly straight by advance of the fields, clear of overbuilding. Some coarse vegetation cover. One area used as a football pitch? Once extended further to the west. Survey in 2007-8 by J. Trampier. SCA Beheira register no. 100244. SoE 1:100,000 (1916) map. On sketch map by Coulson, in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 260; Trampier, J. 2014. Landscape Archaeology of the Western Nile Delta, 140-4, 152-66.
Sheikh Said, T es- 7km S of Abu Kebir 30 39 25N
30 40 23E
200 x 130m
680 A rectangular mound in the cultivation, covered by modern tombs. SCA Sharqiya register 13050075.
Sheikh Soliman, T el- SW of Abu Hummus 31 03 40N
30 13 45E
699 A small mound covered by a modern cemetery and village. SCA Beheira register no. 100130.
Sherif Khalaf, T E of Kafr ed-Dauwar 31 08 27N
30 11 02E
636 This site is now overbuilt by houses and nothing can be easily seen of the any archaeological material. The area was visited by Penny Wilson in 2004. Details SCA Beheira register no. 100136. Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 98, 332-4.
Sherifa, Tulul esh- Central N coast 31 24 45N
31 26 45E
142 New fields have been set out at this location. -
Shimuli, K el- S of Damanhur 30 52 19N
30 25 59E
180 x 80m
442 Not shown on the ESA 1996 1:50,000 map (Hosh Isa sheet). A grass-covered kom, with gentle undulating topography. Visited by Neal Spencer in 2004. Details and photo SCA Beheira register no. 100243. (Location on SCA map transposed with Saadiya, SCA 10020, EES 444). SoE 1:100,000 (1916). In Coulson-Leonard 1979-83 survey, see map by Coulson, in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 260.
Shiriq, K Kom Shiriq, W of Tala 30 39 12N
30 47 15E
34 Shown as a village only on SoE 1916 map and on ESA 1996 map NH36-I5b. Ancient site completely overbuilt by modern town. SoE 1:100,000 (1916); ESA 1996 1:50,000 map NH36-I5b.
Shok, Kiman es- Central N coast 31 29 21N
31 16 27E
134 Very large mound cluster on the 1914 map, but probably sand-dunes. Area subjected to land reclamation and all cultivated. SoE 1:50,000 (1914).
Shoka, K el- SW of Damanhur 30 59 18N
30 26 09E
441 Site seen from the road by Penny Wilson in 2004. The mound has a modern cemetery on it. SCA Beheira register no. 100112. SoE 1:100,000 (1916). Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 187.
Shon Yusef 10km S of Simbellawein 30 47 13N
31 26 10E
312 Perhaps ancient Ta-shunet-Ra. Described by Foucart as a mud-brick enclosure of 600 x 400m with parts of wall standing up to 11m high. Completely levelled to fields before 1910. Details Foucart, RT 20 (1898), 162-3; id., ASAE 2 (1901), 48-9.
Shubra Hor 3km WSW of T. Baqliya 30 54 20N
31 23 20E
522 Three red granite fragments of a monumental chapel of Nectanebo I, found at a farm near town of this name, present location unknown. Habachi ASAE 531(955), 465-6, fig. 15-19
Shuhada, T el- 3km SW of Abu Kebir 30 41 44N
31 42 59E
40 x 30 x 1m
585 Listed in Amsterdam University 1984 survey. Partly levelled. NK, Ptolemaic? and Romano-Coptic sherds noted. Satellite imagery (2005) shows a small clear area of the site at the NW edge of the village, but by 2016 the modern cemetery had covered the whole mound. SCA Sharqiya register 13050103. Brink, in MDAIK 43 (1987), 20, 23.
Shuhada, K el- 4 km N of Zawiyet Razin 30 26 41N
30 51 43E
200 x 250 m in 1912 
41 A Coptic mound covered by a modern cemetery. Joanne Rowland attempted to find the site in 2006, but found instead a cultivated area with pottery at Sansaft, further west. Details Daressy, ASAE 12, 201-2.
Shuwan, T el- E of Tell Rak 30 53 00N
31 49 21E
300 x 200m
570 Amsterdam University survey of 1984-5 reported that the site was founded on a gezira and covered by dense vegetation. In the SCA list the site is called Athar es-Shun. Details SCA Sharqiya register 13120035. SoE 1:25,000 series, 90/690; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff., 22.
Sida, K es- E of Fuwa 31 17 20N
30 34 40E
235 Marked on the 1914 map as a mound of 350 x 150m in an unpopulated and seasonally inundated area. Levelled and overbuilt by Ezbet es-Saada. SoE 1:50,000 (1914); ESA map NH36-M2c of 1996 (Ez. es-Saadah).
Sidi Abd er-Raziq, K S of Abu Hummus 30 59 41N
30 20 19E
340 x 340m
437 A village on an ancient site, with a modern cemetery on a mound at the south end. SCA Beheira register no. 100140. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Sidi Ahmed el Tawil E of Dahtamun 30 41 00N
31 46 15E
65 x 60 x 1.5m
587 Listed by the Amsterdam University Survey 1984-5 as having been partly levelled to cultivation. NK and Saite sherds noted. Site completely levelled to fields by 2006. Brink, in MDAIK 43 (1987), 20.
Sidi Ambar E of K el-Hisn 30 48 05N
30 43 12E
29 Only cultivated fields show on satellite imagery (2004) of this location. -
Sidi Aqaba 17km SSE of Rosetta 31 15 14N
30 27 57E
260 x 270 x 4m
618 This site was probably once one mound but now consists of three separate small hills covered by a cemetery, with an excavated depression lying in the centre. Visited by Penny Wilson in 2004. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100141.
SoE 1:100,000 (1916). Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 171-2, 387-9.
Sidi Ghazi 10km S of Kafr ed-Dauwar 31 02 45N
30 05 20E
619 Visited by Penny Wilson in 2004: most of site has been levelled under the village. A small mound remnant of 90 x 55m exists at the NE edge of the town, at 31 02 46N 30 05 22E. On the 1914 map the site has the name Kom et-Turab. SCA Beheira register no. 100142.
SoE 1:50,000 (1914); 1:100,000 (1916). Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 58-9, id., 2010, 121.
Sidi Goma, T SW of Abu Hummus 30 59 00N
30 10 42E
414 The mound shows clear of structures on CORONA imagery (1968). It stands 400m E of the village of the same name, later overbuilt by modern tombs and partly levelled in 2007 on the NE edge for a school and in 2014 a football pitch SCA Beheira register no. 100226. SoE 1:100,000 (1916). ESA 1996 map NH36-I4c.
Sidi Gum, T E of Simbellawein 30 53 12N
31 31 52E
levelled to fields
339 Italian survey 1987-8: Roman sherds scattered up to 300m away. Destroyed by cultivation and Islamic cemetery. The 1:25,000 map grid coordinates given by Fattovich should be corrected to 908.4N 665.8E. Fattovich Report of 1987 Field Season, (unpub. MS), 15; Chlodnicki and Fattovich in CRIPEL 14 (1992), 45-53; id., map in Brink NDIT, 173.
Sidi Hineish E of Itayai el-Barud 30 51 13N
30 43 46E
18 Marked on the 1914 map as a small mound c. 100m across with the tomb of Sheikh Sidi Hineish on it. Tomb still exists but area around it levelled. SoE 1:50,000 (1914); 1:25,000 map 90/585
Sidi Salem, K N of Tida 31 16 08N
30 49 32E
300 x 150m x 9m 
282 A large mound, all Roman to Byzantine on the surface. Surveyed and mapped by P. Wilson in 2004. Drill-cores taken in the 2010 survey by Robert Schiestl showed the whole depth of the mound to be Roman and later. Details and photos SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090153. SoE 1:25,000 series, 95/585; Spencer, SA 14 (1992), 538; P Ballet & T von der Way, MDAIK 49 (1993), 16-17, Fig. 8, nos. 51-56; P. Wilson and J. Rowland in JEA 92 (2006), 10; Schiestl 2010a, 16-18.
Sidi Yusef Abu Hummus 31 06 00N
30 14 59E
180 x 160 x 4m 647 Visited by Penny Wilson in 2005: a small mound overbuilt by a modern cemetery, beside the main Alexandria - Cairo road. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100143. See P. Wilson and J. Rowland in JEA 92 (2006), 9. Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 99-100.
Sidi Zeid N of Tanta 30 58 30N
30 55 59E
270 x 200m
15 The mound is partly occupied by a modern cemetery around the tomb of Sheikh Sidi Zeid, and is crossed by many tracks. There are a few modern buildings on the southern edge. A portion at the SE was tested by many pits in 2003, and seems to have been developed as an orchard by 2009. SCA Gharbiya register no. 080201 (Abu Zeid).
Siheib, K S of Abu Hummus 31 04 20N
30 18 15E
330 x 210m
383 Mound cut to an irregular shape by fields. N and S ends overbuilt by houses, central area clear with undulating small mounds. SoE 1:50,000 (1914); 1:100,000 (1916).
Silvagou 2 km SW of K Firin 30 51 35N
30 28 53E
150 x 100m
459 Site of a cemetery with dynasty 26 burials, dug by SCA. Cemetery of 5-10 feddan subject of several excavation seasons. Details Coulson & Leonard, COD I: Naukratis, 73-100; id, Journal of Field Archaeology 6 (1979), 168. On sketch map by Coulson, in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 260.
Sintiris E of Abu Kebir 30 43 50N
31 43 00E
560 Amsterdam University survey 1984-5 was unable to discover the exact location of this site, situated in an orchard on the position of a former tell. Details SoE 1:25,000 series, 89/675; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff. , with table on p.23.
Sousta, T Near El-Shuhada
471 SCA work 1983-4: Roman houses and a bath complex. Leclant and Clerc, Orientalia 55 (1986), 342.
Soweq el Gamaya, T N of Lake Burullos 31 34 47N
30 59 13E
606 A mound on the south coast of the Baltim bar, erased since 2007. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090151 (as Soweq el Gowme'ah). The 1:100,000 SoE map (1916) marks this site at the location given by the SCA GIS Project for Tell el-Adowel (SCA 090131), no. 556 of the EES Survey.

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