Once a larger mound, visited by Penny Wilson in 2005: apparently an area marked on the SoE map as a small shrine by the road, N. of Ezbet Abu Shaffaf, with Kom Rizq (100178) to the east. Consists of two areas either side of a road. On the west is a small area about 1-2m above field level, used to keep animals and for drying hay. On the east side of the road is a small cemetery with a shrine in the centre with white flags and recently burnt candles upon it. The whole area is about 70m (E-W) by 30m (N-S). A few sherds were visible in the fields and in the section of a ditch at the south side.
This site is in a completely different location from the SCA registered Kom es Sabah (i) or Kom es Sabah (ii), nos 100110 - 100111.

Photographs from a larger collection taken by Penny Wilson in 2005 Copies of others are kept at the EES London office.