Polish-Slovak Archaeological Mission in Tell el-Retaba: 

In 2009, the 3rd season of the Polish Mission directed by Dr. Slawomir Rzepka and Dr. Jozef Hudec, was plannd to continue excavations in 2 areas in which they werestarted in 2008: on the northern defence wall of the Ramesside fortress, and in N-W part of the site, where a domestic architecture from the time of Third Intermediate Period was discovered. However, several days after the beginning of the fieldwork we were informed about the planned construction of the second line of the road running through the site. This project will cause a significant damage to the site, therefore the mission concentrated on rescue excavations on the endangered area. Discovery of a series of well datable infant burials proved that the earliest fortifications documented by Petrie (his 'Wall 1') do not belong to the Hyksos period, but to the late 18th-early 19th Dynasty. Also excavated was a fragment of an ancient road (in use since the late NK till the TIP) leading from the migdol toward the centre of the fortress. It seems that the area south of this road served a domestic purpose and was covered by houses of significant size, of which at least some had more than one floor, while north of the road there was a kind of industrial area. Work has continued with additional discoveries of the Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom. 


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