This site was surveyed for the Delta Survey in 2018 by a team led by Dr P. Wilson. See Hinojosa-Baliño, I., Tiribilli, E. and Wilson, P. 2019, 'The Delta Survey: Recent work in Kafr el-Sheikh and Beheira', Egyptian Archaeology 55, 10-13.

Most of the mound is beneath a modern cemetery and a road cuts along the southern edge of the site. Very little pottery was noted on the ground, but the map shows that the height of the main mound rises to around 3m above the level of the surrounding fields. As the mound is not so high, it may be a levée feature running alongside a palaeochannel, but geological information is needed to confirm this suggestion.


Satellite image from 2018 (Google Earth)                                                        Modern cemetery on the mound