The Egypt Exploration Society Congress

The Egypt Exploration Society Congress (formerly the British Egyptology Congress) provides a platform for international researchers to present their ongoing projects and discoveries to a broad audience of peers and the interested public through presentations or posters.

Presentations can be given by scholars at all levels of their career including independent researchers with no current affiliation. Presenters do not need to be British or be based in Britain to present.

The Congress is held by the Egypt Exploration Society every two years in collaboration with a British host institution. Applications to host EESCon will be advertised on the EES website in the intervening years immediately following a Congress.

In 2022, the sixth EES Congress will be hosted by Swansea University and the Egypt Centre (hence the choice of banner image). It is currently expected that the Congress will be held across a mix of online and hybrid events in September 2022.

The third BEC was held on 11 and 12 September 2010 and was co-organised by UCL, the British Museum, and the EES. It was held at the British Museum and attracted more than 200 delegates. A keynote lecture on recent work at Giza was delivered by Mark Lehner followed by a reception in the Egyptian sculpture gallery.

After a long hiatus, BEC was resurrected in 2018 in partnership with the KNH Centre at the University of Manchester. Eighty-two papers were presented, including four keynote speeches, covering the full spectrum of Egyptology, archaeology, museology, and the history of travel along the Nile. 13 papers from this Congress were published in a special proceedings volume representing the wide variety of research discussed during BEC4.

BEC5 was held in 2020 during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, all 50 presentations and 7 posters were instead hosted online. This new, more accessible, platform attracted over 700 delegates from across the world. Select papers from this Congress are available online here

The international impact of BEC5 encouraged the EES to rename BEC to the EES Congress (EESCon). EESCon6 will be held in 2022 in partnership between the Society and the Egypt Centre, Swansea University. See the announcement here