Our spring issue (left) presents a diverse mix of contributions, exploring different locations, periods and disciplines: all facets of Egypt’s unique heritage.

Take a visit to the Sinai site of Tell Habua with Sayed Abd el-Alim and explore its connections to the wider eastern Mediterranean during the Saite Period. These external influences are also visible at the Delta city of Buto, where another Graeco-Roman bath has recently been discovered and is reported by Hossam Mohamed Ghonim in this issue.

Travelling into Upper Egypt, Grazia Di Pietro revisits the archival record of fieldwork at Naqada in the 1970s and ‘80s, exploring its potential for further research and heritage management.

Heritage and its protection – in this case of Egypt’s Islamic past – is also at the heart of the Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo, a project that seeks to restore and safeguard these mosque features against neglect and theft. This contribution continues our coverage of Egyptian heritage beyond its Pharaonic remains, including the value of intangible heritage in Egypt.

For those wanting their Pharaonic content though: the Amarna Project reports on their excavations at the North Cliffs Cemetery at Amarna, which sheds light on the lives and deaths of the wider population of ancient Akhetaten. This project was supported with an EES Fieldwork and Research Grant thanks to donations from our members. Jennifer Turner also takes a look at elite statuary discovered in the Karnak cachette and the biographies inscribed on these sculptures as part of her PhD research generously supported by an EES Patrons' Awards.

Finally, we have a papyrological contribution from Amin Benaissa, exploring two texts recently translated in our own collection of Oxyrhynchus Papyri.  These two texts, a sales contract and a glossary of Homer, evidence the intertwined use of Egyptian and Greek languages at this Middle Egyptian town between the 1st and 6th centuries CE.

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The North Cliffs Cemetery at Amarna, Anna Stevens, Gretchen Dabbs, Amandine Mérat and Anna Garnett

Tell Habua: new discoveries from the Saite period, Sayed Abd el-Alim

Bathing like a Greek at Buto, Hossam Mohamed Ghonim

Digging Diary 2019–20

Read me online: Rescuing the Mamluk minbars of Cairo, Omniya Abdel Barr

Two Egyptian texts from Oxyrhynchus, Amin Benaissa

‘Exalt my name’: self-representation on elite statues, Jennifer E. Turner

Travelling in space and time: Naqada in the archive, Grazia A. Di Pietro

Book reviews