We're delighted that over the past few weeks a number of publishers have generously donated books to the Society's library. This is helping us to maintain an updated collection for our members and to fill some of the gaps in our journal runs or series. 

This morning we were excited to receive a copy of Mummies, magic and medicine in Ancient Egypt: Multidisciplinary essays for Rosalie David from Manchester University Press

The volume will soon be available on the open library shelves for members to read. As Professor Rosalie David is also a vice-president of the Society, we are pleased to extend an exclusive offer from MUP: 

Members of the Egypt Exploration Society can now get their own copy of this book with a discount of 25%! Just add the code OTH798 at the checkout. 

The paperback is just £25, but you can grab a hardcover copy for £75 - before discount.