Hot off the press, the spring issue of Egyptian Archaeology is out now. Most UK members will already have received it, and it’s in the post and on the way to our members abroad.

In this issue, we’re focusing quite heavily on one geographical region – Karnak and Thebes – and on a thematic thread, that of of reassembling and reuniting objects with their contexts, sometimes across several sites and institutions: José Manuel Galán and David García explore a funerary garden that first came to light two years ago near an Eighteenth Dynasty tomb at Dra Abu el-Naga, part of the Theban necropolis. On the other side of the river, at Karnak, Benjamin Durand focuses his attention on the Ptah temple and its late Roman neighbourhood, a period not much studied at this site. Barely 300 metres away, another French team has been doing epigraphic work on the dislodged blocks that once made up the western façade of the Second Pylon.

Objects and knowledge can be reassembled on a micro scale, as shown by Carl Graves’ account of a discovery in our own Lucy Gura Archive allowing a glimpse into a historic mission at Gebel el-Silsila. Or on the macro scale, as Gianluca Miniaci and Patricia Rigault show by recontextualising a group of Predynastic objects in the Louvre collections, in the process revealing a near-intact site context from a necropolis at Zawyet Sultan (a mission previously supported by EES members through a Fieldwork and Research Grant). Similarly, Nico Staring traces blocks from a tomb at Saqqara across museums in Cairo, Berlin, New York and Jerusalem, allowing him to identify the tomb owner as an Eighteenth Dynasty military man.

The final articles of the issue look at the beginnings of Egyptian history, the Pre- and Early Dynastic Periods: Geoffrey Tassie retraces Petrie's footsteps by revisiting the famous site of Naqada (a project now supported by the EES), while François Briois and Béatrix Midant-Reynes explore the flint mining complexes on North Galala in the Eastern Desert.

We hope you enjoy the read! Full contents can be found here, copies can be ordered from our shop.