Though the Digging Diary might be shorter, we've made up for it with a long and varied list of articles - from archaeology to archival work, cultural history to field reports:

Luigi Prada and Jennifer Cromwell introduce us to the world of ancient Egyptian popular beliefs in divination, magic and healing. Qubbet el-Hawa Research Project director Martin Bommas follows up on last year's discovery of the causeway of Sarenput I by a joint University of Birmingham / EES mission. Manuela Lehmann and Tomomi Fushiya delve into the archives to connect EES work at Amara West of the 1930s and 40s with ongoing British Museum missions there today. And Hourig Sourouzian, from whose 'Memnon Colossi' project we've taken the cover image, gets on the trail of two sphinxes leading all the way from Kom el-Hettan to St Petersburg.

You'll find the full contents here. Enjoy the read!