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Information on the archaeological sites of the Delta is presented here in the form web-pages containing an alphabetical listing of sites. Where a substantial amount of information is available, or photographs of the site exist, links are provided to supplementary pages. The site-names in most cases are those of the Survey of Egypt maps. The material is offered as a source of reference and a tool for the planning of new projects.  The letters 'T' and 'K' in the lists stand for 'Tell' and 'Kom' respectively, Arabic words for 'mound', describing the usual appearance of archaeological sites in the region.

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Name Location
Map ref.
Extent No. Notes Literature
Mahharin, T el- S of Kafr ed-Dauwar 30 55 45N
30 06 09E
200m diameter 1996
405 A mound amongst cultivated land, clear of modern structures. Size reduced from 200 x 130m in 2004 to 150 x 95m in 2020. SCA Beheira register no. 100209 has a site El Magadier in this location, probably the same. SoE 1:50,000 (1914); 1:100,000 (1916) and ESA 1996 map NH36-I4c
Mahmudiya, El- 8km N of Zagazig 30 39 56N
31 30 09E
669 This is a mound at the SE edge of Mahmudiya town, overbuilt by a cemetery and a complex of modern buildings. SCA Sharqiya register 13150086.
Maiyita el Bahri, K S edge of L Burullos 31 22 52N
30 46 08E
253 Mound visible on CORONA 1960s photography. The whole area has since been converted to lagoons for fish-farming. The adjacent tell: K el-Maiyita el-Qibli at Lat. 31 22 25N 30 46 10E has also gone. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090111. SoE 1:50,000 (1914).
Malah, K el- N of Biyala 31 15 07N
31 11 22E
350 x 220m
106 Satellite imagery shows the site standing clear in the cultivation. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090143. (Tell Maleh). On map in Bietak, Tell ed-Daba, II, as Tell Malleh.
Malh, K el- NE of Fuwa 31 19 35N
30 40 04E
247 The 1914 map shows this mound on the west end of an island in an inundated basin. 1960s CORONA inages show a long, narrow mound, the west part of which survived until at least 2016, overbuilt by modern tombs. Details SoE 1:50,000 (1914); 1:100,000 (1916). Nothing shown at this location on ESA 1996 map NH36-M2c.
Manous, K (Zawiyet Razin) Menuf district 30 24 44N
30 51 06E
900 x 600 x 3-4m in 1912
Now levelled.
43 Inspected by Daressy in 1912, at which time the large mound at Zawiyet Razin was called Kom Manous, as it appears on the SoE 1:100,000 (1916) map. Visited by EES survey of 2005, led by J. Rowland. Details and photos See Daressy, ASAE 12, 192 and Griffith, Mound of the Jew, 60.
SCA No. 080102 (Menufiya register) in 'The Rest of the Lower Egypt Governorates' publication of the SCA (2002). PM iv, 67; See P. Wilson and J. Rowland in JEA 92 (2006), 10
Mansur, T NW of Biyala 31 20 21N
31 05 48E
250 x 200m
each part
121 Hogarth noted this site was 'about the area of Haddadi but very shallow'. There are two parts, separated by a road and canal. Only the east part is shown on the 1914 map. The west part is partly used for modern graves. CORONA images show the site was in a similar state in the 1960s. SoE 1:50,000 (1914). See Hogarth JHS 24 (1904), 16. SCA GIS Project no. 090160 and 090161 for Tells Mansur el-Kebir and Mansur el-Saghrier in Kafr es-Sheikh. On map in Bietak, Tell ed-Daba, II.
Mantiqat en Nawafa - - - - See Umm Arbein (315). -
Maqadis, K el- SE of K el-Hisn 30 41 48N
30 40 46E
280 x 240m
32 A sandy gezira, 2-3m high, parts of which have been developed for industry. Modern tombs on S part. Construction in mud brick and fired brick noted in SCA excavations. SoE 1:100,000 (1916); ESA 1996 map NH36-I5a.
Maqasaba, T N of Lake Burullos 31 30 04N
30 44 29E
950 x 450m
458 A sandy mound shows on satellite imagery, surrounded by many new property boundaries. Visited by Penny Wilson for the Delta Survey in 2012, and found to be a large sand dune without visible antiquities. On SoE 1:100,000 map (1916) as Kiman el Maqsaba. SCA  Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090173. (name transliterated "Maqassabeh").
Maqboura, T NW of El-Matamir - - - See Qubur (399). -
Maqiebrat, T el- Near Baltim 31 30 00N
31 14 20E
519 Not indicated on SoE 1914 or 1916 maps. Only cultivated fields show on satellite imagery of this location. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090142.
On map in Bietak, Tell ed-Daba, II.
Maqluba, T Coast N of Lake Burullos 31 31 47N
30 49 03E
325 x 280m
455 Visited by Penny Wilson for the Delta Survey in 2012, who noted it as a large sand dune. Visible on satellite images of 2020. No pottery or other archaeological material was seen at the area except for a few Roman amphora sherds in an area dug out close to the tell for a modern construction. Details SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090141. On SoE 1:50.000  (1914); 1:100.000  (1916) as Kom el-Maqluba.
Maqta ed-Daha, T NE of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 10 38N
31 05 37E
260 x 100m
94 A mound between two canals, the edges cut straight, partly overbuilt. Possibly just a river sandbank. Further west, at 31 10 48N 31 05 14E is a small village built on a mound. -
Maqta et-Teir, K SE of Kafr ed-Dauwar 31 06 20N
30 09 19E
365 Shown as a mound some 170m across on the 1914 map. Levelled before 1968. SoE 1:50.000 (1914); 1:100,000 (1916).
Maqta, K el- At Hosh Isa 30 54 27N
30 18 43E
447 On the 1914 map, cut by the Abu ez-Zarazir drain. Area now all cultivated. SoE 1:50.000 (1914); 1:100,000 (1916).
Mara, T or K NNW of Faqus 30 50 44N
31 42 09E
300 x 250m
493 Also known as Tell Murrah. Amsterdam University survey 1986 gave former size of 250 x 80 metres and 3m high and said the mound had been levelled, but it is still present on satellite imagery of 2005. A Polish project began in 2008.  Details SCA Sharqiya register 13130088. See ASAE 2, 59. Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 21; id., 'The Amsterdam University Survey', in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 65-114.
Marg, El-
23 July
S of Shibin el Qanatir 30 16 51N
31 18 47E
720 An area of cultivated land, with a small urban zone at these coordinates. There is a small mound remnant at 30 16 55N 31 18 52E SCA Qalubiya register no. 070201.
Maris, T see Atrash, T (546) - - - - -
Masara, T el- N of Biyala 31 24 53N
31 04 11E
490 x 430m
604 CORONA imagery shows this mound to have measured 490 x 430m in 1967, already cut square by advance of the cultivation. Since all levelled. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090140  (as Masarreh). Position too far north in SCA atlas. On map in Bietak, Tell ed-Daba, II.
Mashakhsa, T el- E of Husseiniya 30 52 18N
32 04 19E
210 Marked on the 1914 map. The site occupied a rectangular area of wasteland in the 1960s (CORONA imagery). Since all cultivated. Listed by the SCA under the name 'Zaraa 2 Bahr el-Baqar'. SCA Sharqiya register 13060022. SoE 1:50.000 map (1914).
Mashal Coast N of Lake Burullos 31 27 34N
30 34 10E
500 x 200m
465 Mound is only 700m from the sea. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090178. On SoE 1:100,000 (1916) map as Mishil.
Mashala, T el- NNE of Abu Kebir 30 49 18N
31 42 48E
180 x 150 x 2m
577 Amsterdam University survey: Archaic to OK cemeteries. Survey by S. Rampersand of University of Toronto. Details SCA Sharqiya register 13050101. SoE 1:25,000 series, 90/675; Brink, in Krzyzaniak et al., Studies in African Archaeology, 4, 279ff., esp. 300, fig. 9, No.10. Also NDIT, 210-13; Brink, in MDAIK 43 (1987), 7-31.
Maskhuta, T el- 18 km W of Ismailia 30 33 10N
32 05 58E
900 x 450 m, low
216 Major site not part of this survey
Ancient Heroonpolis. Canadian work of 1980s: remains from Hyksos to Roman. Satellite imagery shows the temple enclosure.
Click here for bibliography: Maskhuta
Mastoruh N of Lake Burullos 31 29 09N
30 41 08E
1000 x 800m
501 An irregular mound shows on satellite imagery (2007). Part of a cluster of smaller mounds. Visited by Penny Wilson for the Delta Survey in 2012. Details SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090177. On SoE 1:100,000 map (1916) as Kom Mastaru.
Mastuh, K W of Biyala 31 11 09N
31 08 01E
60 x 30m
95 Marked on the 1914 map. The remnant of a mound can be seen on satellite imagery as a polygonal patch of land, the sides cut straight by advancing fields. SoE 1:50.000 map (1914).
Masudiya, T el- 6km E of San el Hagar 30 59 24N
31 56 54E
140 x 110m (2017)
657 Small mound, gradually being covered by modern tombs since 2002. SCA Sharqiya register 13060098.
(as T. al Mas'udiyyah).
Mataleb, T el-  5km E of Benha 30 27 10N
31 14 12E
691 A small village among fields shows on satellite imagery (2006). SCA Qalubiya register no. 070103.
Matariya, El- At El-Matariya near Menzala 31 11 05N
32 01 30E
484 Also known as Aulad Ismya. Block in doorway with cartouche of Djedhor. 3 feddans excavated by Abdel Fattah for SCA. After excavation, land released for development. PM iv, 13; Edgar ASAE 13 (1913), 277.
Matariya (Heliopolis) At Matariya, north Cairo 30 07 45N
31 18 24E
levelled and overbuilt
528 Major site not part of this survey
Ancient Heliopolis, under modern Matariya district of Cairo. Temple site adjacent to position of the obelisk of Sesostris I. Excavation by MSA - University of Leipzig since 2012, see
See PM iv. Early remains in F. Debono and B. Mortensen, The Predynastic Cemetery at Heliopolis, Season March-September 1950 (Mainz 1988). Bibliography
Matbul, Kafr 10 km E of Sakha 31 05 27N
31 02 30E
469 Small mound under modern cemetery in 1923. Now completely covered by expansion of a modern town. Two granite statues of Merenptah from village. Perhaps the same site as the 'Nemret El Basal'  listed as no. 080206 in the SCA Gharbiya register in this location. See ASAE 23, 165-9. 
Matyur, T E of T. Amya 31 13 55N
30 39 08E
430 x 280m
destroyed 2013
250 Mound rises 6 to 8m. above fields. Included in 1983 survey by DAI, Late Roman - Byzantine pottery noted. Visited by Penny Wilson for the EES in 2002. Test-pitted by SCA in 2002; waste processing plant built over whole site in 2011 - 2013. Details SoE 1:25,000 series, 94/570. Shown without name on ESA 1996 map NH36-M2a. See P. Ballet and T. von der Way in MDAIK 49 (1993), 9-13, Figs. 5-6, nos. 22-35. On SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register as no. 090139.
Mazin, K W of Tala 30 40 33N
30 48 23E
33 Visited by an EES survey of 2005 led by J. Rowland. Former large mound now reduced to c.2m at its highest point. Apparently an Early to Middle Islamic site. Details SoE map 1:100,000 (1916), as a village only.
ESA 1996 map NH36-I5b.
Mazin, K 7km NE of Kafr ed Dauwar 31 11 40N
30 09 39E
50 x 25 x 2m (2005)
627 Visited by Penny Wilson for EES in 2005. Drill augur survey made , but the results suggest there never was an antiquities area of any consequence here. Details and photos SoE 1:100,000 (1916). SCA Beheira register no. 100184. Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 78-81, 316-19.
Me'ebid, T 5 km WSW of T. Tennis 31 09 55N
32 11 24E
1300 x 700m
destroyed 2012
326 As shown on the ESA 1996 map the site bears the name Me'ebid, with alternative name Kifri ("ruins"). It lies in an area for land reclamation. Satellite imagery (2004) shows a large levelled area, cut by an industrial complex at the east. Progressive levelling from 2007 - all gone by 2012 to lagoons of fish-farms. Details On SoE 1:50,000 1908. Noted ASAE 2, 79. Marked on ESA 1996 map NH36-N2a 
Medina, K el- SW of Fuwa 31 12 20N
30 25 16E
230 The site has been levelled to agriculture. No trace found by S R Snape during a visit to the area in 1996, and only fields show on satellite imagery. SCA Beheira register no. 100121. SoE 1:25,000 series, 94/555
Medina, T el- E of Husseiniya 30 53 52N
32 02 39E
205 Munich survey 1987. Early Dynastic. Now overbuilt by a village. Muller SBAW 8.
Menuf Menuf town 30 27 48N
30 55 54E
59 The modern town of Menuf. An SCA registered location. SCA Menufiya register no. 080106.
Menzala Menzala 31 09 00N
31 56 00E
under town
483 Ancient Panephysis. In 1893, one mound still free from houses to E of city. Several metres long x 20m wide, 1-1.5m high. Sondage by Foucart produced no reported results. Large granite stones at elevated point in town. Foucart, in ASAE 2 (1901), 65-66; Engelbach list. 
Merimde Abu Ghalib Just S. of Abu Ghalib 30 14 20N
30 56 51E
overbuilt 750 Large settlement dating to the MK, found by Junker in 1927-8. Excavations of prehistoric remains by the Swedish Egypt Expedition 1931-1937. Junker, H. 1928; Larsen, H. in MDAIK 6 (1936), 41-87; id. MDAIK 10 (1941), 1-59; Bagh, T. MDAIK
58 (2002), 29-61.
Mesk, T el- N of Sidi Salem 31 17 10N
30 49 13E
347 x 270m
600 A small mound, rising a maximum of 8m,  with a modern cemetery upon it. Details and photos SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090138 ("Masek"). Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 219-22, 423-6.
Meshelma 2.5km W of Balaqtar 31 04 47N
30 11 36E
708 A small levelled mound, overbuilt by a village. SCA Beheira register no. 100188. Shown as a small unnamed tell on the SCA 1:100,000 (1916) map.
Mikheizin, T SSE of Khanziri 31 18 49N
30 57 15E
200 x 100m
266 Visited in 1990 by J and P Spencer: Highest parts rise max. 2m with a few modern graves on top. Rest is very low and prone to flooding. Details and photos SoE 1:25,000 series, 95/600. See Spencer, SA 14 (1992), 537-8; Hogarth JHS 24 (1904), 1-19.
Milis, K NE of Simbellawein 30 55 40N
31 33 20E
177 Perhaps the same as Abusir: reported by SCA as having been dug and levelled to fields in 1970. Stone vases said to have been found. -
Minshat Abu Omar E of Tanis 30 54 43N
32 01 27E
60 x 180m 1966
222 Earlier name Tell es-Sabaa Banat. Pre- and early dynastic cemeteries. Munich survey of 1966 and major excavations in 1970s - 80s. Much bibliography. Most of N. part levelled to fields by 2016; a small remnant has been test-pitted. Details SCA Sharqiya register 13060017. Müller, in SBAW 8 (1966); Kroeper, K., “The Excavations of the Munich East-Delta Expedition in Minshat Abu Omar, in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 11-46; Kroeper,  in Spencer Aspects of Early Egypt, with refs.  Leclant, Or. 68 (1999), 336
Minshat Ezzat SE of Simbellawein, near Barqin 30 48 54N
31 31 14E
Under fields
504 SCA began excavation in 1999 of a Late predynastic to Early Dynastic cemetery under cultivated land on the south side of the village. Site levelled to fields by 2013. Details SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050301. EA 16, (Spring 2000), 32. Leclant  and Clerc, Or. 68 (1999), 332-3; Or. 69 (2000), 225.
Minshat Radwan 5.5km ESE of Kafr Saqr 30 46 55N
31 41 15E
683 A large mound at the SW edge of the town, overbuilt by a modern cemetery. A patch of wasteland on the other side of the town suggests the tell extended right across. The site rises to 5m. A dish and bowl of calcite and a pottery vessel, all Late Predynastic, are supposed to have been found here. SCA Sharqiya register 13050087.
Minshat Sahbara Near Simbellawein 30 45 40N
31 24 10E
496 Foucart described the site as a mound of insignificant size in 1893. In 1892 some Ptolemaic coins were found by the inhabitants. Not located by Friedman-Buck survey of 1992. Overbuilt by a modern town. See Koms à Sebakh: 11; Foucart , in ASAE 2 (1901), 48; RT 20 (1898), 162, note 1.
Mirdas, T S of Dahtamun 30 38 35N
31 41 53E
536 Amsterdam University survey of 1984-5 recorded that this site had been levelled and overbuilt c.1940s by village of Ezbet Moh. Mansur. Late Roman sherds noted. SCA Unregistered site no. 130006. SoE 1:25,000 series, 88/675; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff. , 24.

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