Surveyed for the EES in 2018 by Elena Tiribilli, who reported:

An ancient mound overbuilt by a modern cemetery, situated a short distance east of Kom el-Magayir I and just east of El-Hilbawi village. Pottery in the area dates from the Ptolemaic Period. Although the site is not named on the Survey of Egypt maps (1:100,000 1916; 1:50,000 1908), the mound is marked. The alternative location given by the SCA Atlas for a site of this name is far away to the south and must be an error or perhaps a completely different site. See Israel Hinojosa-Baliño, Elena Tiribilli, Penelope Wilson, 'The Delta Survey Project Survey in Kafr el-Sheikh and Beheira governorates in 2018', Egyptian Archaeology 55.

The photographs show the densely-set tombs on the mound (E. Tiribilli, 2018)

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