Prof Joann Fletcher at the Saqqara Imhotep Museum. Image copyright: Dr Amr Aboulfath.Prof Joann Fletcher, Head of the EES Local Ambassador Programme, at the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara. © Dr Amr Aboulfath.

“As an EES member for over 30 years, I am honoured to have been invited to lead this new initiative, building on the ongoing work with local societies, museums, universities and schools while inviting all those who share our passion to join us in preserving Egypt’s precious heritage.”

Professor Joann Fletcher, University of York
Head of the EES Local Ambassador Programme

The EES Local Ambassador Programme was established in 2018 in order to help the Society reach broader audiences to:

  • Communicate its impact more widely
  • Raise awareness of its activities
  • Increase donations and subscriptions
  • Create more meaningful relationships with interested audiences

When the Society was founded in 1882 a network of Local Honorary Secretaries was established with representatives from locations across the globe working together to raise funds for the exploration and preservation of Egyptian heritage. This Programme represents a resurrection of that network.

You can make your own impact in Egyptology by becoming a Local Ambassador and supporting Egypt's unique global heritage!

How do I become an EES Local Ambassador?

Applying to become a Local Ambassador is easy, you just have to complete an application form and return it to our London Office. We can only take on so many Ambassadors at any one time, but we will send regular updates when we are able to take on more. You must be a current EES member in order to become a Local Ambassador. 

Download the application form

Once your application is received, we may ask to have a phone or skype chat with you about the Programme and will ask that you have read our EES Local Ambassador Guide.

Online resources

Once you become a Local Ambassador and have registered an account on our website, notify us on [email protected] in order to be given exclusive access to the Local Ambassador Zone. This zone includes poster templates, sponsor forms, risk assessment forms, leaflets, and further fundraising guidance and help.

If you have created documents that you think other Local Ambassadors would find helpful then contact us to make these available too.

Local Ambassador Zone

Please note that you must be logged in to access the resource area.