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Information on the archaeological sites of the Delta is presented here in the form web-pages containing an alphabetical listing of sites. Where a substantial amount of information is available, or photographs of the site exist, links are provided to supplementary pages. The site-names in most cases are those of the Survey of Egypt maps. The material is offered as a source of reference and a tool for the planning of new projects.  The letters 'T' and 'K' in the lists stand for 'Tell' and 'Kom' respectively, Arabic words for 'mound', describing the usual appearance of archaeological sites in the region.

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Name Location
Map ref.
Extent No. Notes Literature
Haeh, K el- SSW of Itayai el Barud 30 46 18N
30 34 54E
150 x 80m (2004)
713 A small mound in the cultivation, overbuilt by modern tombs on the south and east sides. A track crosses the site. SCA Beheira register no. 100239.
Hagar, T el- 4km NW of T el Balamun -
- See Halbouny (147) and Mowrad, T. (688) -
Hagg, K el- SW of Kafr ed-Dauwar  31 05 30N
30 00 09E
120 x 200m (2004)
358 This site is a small rock outcrop on the edge of the desert limestone rock formation. It is about 4.5m high above the level of the fields and is now used as a rubbish dump by the nearby village Ezbet el Bank. Details and photo SCA Beheira register no. 100155, but the location on the SCA map is too far to the west.. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 45-6, 289-91, id. 2010, 119-21.
Hagga, T el- (Nasiri) NW of Abu Kebir 30 44 57N
31 37 40E
350 x 200x 4m
555 Amsterdam University survey. Modern name T. el-Nasiri. Split into 3 small mounds, with two used for modern graves. Part of a limestone architrave was noted. Sherds of 1IP to MK. Now (2017) a small low mound of 70 x 70m with adjacent cemetery mound to west. SCA Sharqiya register 13050077 (as Kafr en-Nusiri). SoE 1:25,000 series, 89/675; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff.
Hagres, T
(Kafr el-Ukl)
NE of T Muqdam 30 43 15N
31 23 51E
much reduced
67 Not examined by Friedman & Buck survey in 1992. A very small remnant of a site mound shows on satellite imagery, which has become covered by modern tombs since 2007. SCA Sharqiya register 13100095, under name Kafr el Ukl. Listed in Koms à Sebakh, 11. Shown on the map in Bietak, Tell ed-Daba II.
Halbouny, T 4km NW of Balamun 31 17 43N
31 30 54E
260 x 170m
destroyed 2016
147 The original name of this site was Tell el-Hagar, but it is now known locally Tell Halbouny from the name of the adjacent village. Visited by J and P Spencer in 2007. Details and photos SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050114 (marked erroneously as 050113 on the SCA map). The SCA list uses the wrong name 'Tell el-Mowrad (EES no 688). Farag, ASAE 39 (1939), 127-31.
Hallin, K E of Benha 30 29 20N
31 19 20E
57 A modern town on an ancient site. -
Hamada, K E of K el-Hisn 30 45 34N
30 42 02E
31 Overbuilt by the town of Kom Hamada, the old part of which rises to 6m above cultivation level. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Hamam, K el- E of Simbellawein 30 52 38N
31 29 43E
9375 sq. m. 1987
340 A mound shows here on 1960s CORONA images, but the area is now cultivated. Italian survey 1987-8: A disturbed site with Late Roman pottery, spread over four mounds: Details SoE 1:25,000 series, 90/660; Chlodnicki and Fattovich in CRIPEL 14 (1992), 45-53; id., Bull. GIECE 13, 25. Fattovich, Report of 1987 Field Season, (unpub. MS), 16.
Hamam, K el- N of Mehalla 31 06 03N
31 08 44E
155 x 150m
86 Circular mound, completely covered by a modern cemetery. Just north of Dukhmeis town. -
Hamam, K el- NE of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 11 03N
31 02 37E
200 x 150m
92 Satellite imagery shows the remains of a mound, overbuilt by a modern cemetery on its north-east side, with other modern buildings across the centre. -
Hamam, K el- E of Kafr ed-Dauwar 31 08 17N
30 11 20E
130 x 180m (2004)
368 This is a part of the large mound which included Kom el-Giza (see no. 369). Visited by Penny Wilson in 2004. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100156, but location in SCA map brochure transposed with Kom el-Giza (369). SoE 1:100,000 (1916). ESA 1:50,000 map NH36-M1a (1996).
Hamamu, K Just W of Biyala 31 11 29N
31 12 00E
200 x 160m
Marked on the 1914 map and still visible as a Tell on 1960s CORONA images. Since overbuilt by a small industrial complex. Details SoE 1:50,000 (1914).
Hamamat, K el- Central N coast 31 26 35N
31 29 04E
500 x 300m
139 This mound has been cut by the new coastal highway, constructed since 1997. The area affected was dug by the SCA before removal. SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050117 (marked erroneously 050116 on the SCA map).
Hamra, K el- N of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 18 13N
30 56 38E
200 x 120m
267 The sides of the mound have been cut straight by advance of the fields. It is entirely covered by a modern cemetery.  -
Hamrat, K el- 1 km west of T Balsun 31 08 34N
31 45 34E
477 Originally lay a short distance to the west of Tell Balsun but the area is now occupied by settlement and cultivation. Visited by J Spencer and P Spencer in 1997. Details Listed in Koms à Sebakh:12. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Hamrit, K NW of Abu el-Zarazir 30 52 14N
30 26 29E
100 x 110m (2004)
638 Visited by Neal Spencer for the Survey in 2004. Details and photo Beheira SCA register number 100254.
Hanana, T SW of Husseiniya 30 50 31N
31 53 32E
549 Amsterdam University survey of 1984 reported the site had been levelled c.1965. Once covered 7 feddan. Surface covered by limestone chips. SoE 1:25,000 series, 90/690; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff., 22.
Hanash, K el-
S of Kafr ed-Dauwar 30 58 32N
30 03 09E
400 The same site as SCA Beheira register no. 100238, listed under the alternative names Hanash and Kom el-Farag. Visited in 2004 by Penny Wilson. This site is under a modern town. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100238.
SoE 1:100,000 (1916). Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 51-2, id. 2010, 121-2.
Handuqa, K Just E of El-Hamul 31 17 57N
31 11 00E
400 x 250 x 3m in 1997
490 An extensive mound to the NE side of the road from Biyala to El-Hamul, partly covered by a modern cemetery. Seen from the road by J and P Spencer in 1997. The 1960s CORONA photography shows the mound clear of structures. Details SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Hara, T el- N of Lake Burullos 31 33 57N
31 03 54E
551 Visited by Penny Wilson for the Delta Survey in 2012. Details SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090119
Hartein, K N of El-Qurdi 31 14 31N
31 46 52E
190 x 120m
491 Within Lake Menzala in 1898. Satellite imagery down to 2014 shows a rectangular patch of flat wasteland among regular field plots. Foucart in RT 20 (1898), 167.
Hasan (i), K NE of Abu Hummus 31 08 31N
30 21 30E
373 This small mound, labelled ‘Kom Hasan’ on the Survey of Egypt 1916 map, lies just to the SW of Kom Nakhla. On the 1960s CORONA imagery it was 170 x 100m but only a small remnant survives to 2017. A Roman kiln was reported at this site by M. Kennawi. Details. In SCA Beheira register as no. 100173 - Kom Hasan (i). SoE 1:100,000 (1916). See M. Kennawi, 'Beheira Survey: Roman pottery from the Western Delta of Egypt', Rei Cretariæ Romanæ Favtorum, Acta 42: 309-317. Bonn 2012
Hasan (ii), K 12km SW of Abu Hummus 31 00 33N
30 13 06E
210 x 100m (2017)
701 A small tell visible on satellite imagery, just 400m north of the village of Kom Hasan.  SCA Beheira register as no. 100174. Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 101-2.
Hasanin , T NNW of Abu Kebir 30 49 40N
31 39 20E
573 Amsterdam University survey of 1984-5 found sherds of OK date, suggesting early occupation. SoE 1:25,000 series, 90/675; Brink, in Krzyzaniak et al., Studies in African Archaeology, 4, 279ff., esp. fig.9, No. 2; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff., 21.
Hashem E of Abu Hummus 31 12 05N
30 19 46E
120 x 70 x 1m
642 Small tell here on satellite imagery, clear until winter of 2015, then a structure was built on it. The site consists of a sandy area, with a few pottery sherds lying on the surface. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100189.
Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 119-20, 349-50.
Hasil, K 11km NW of Dilingat 30 53 51N
30 28 39E 
739 Traces of a mound on the north edge of the village of Nagaa el-Alfi. The site probably continues under this settlement. Included in Coulson-Leonard Naukratis regional survey, see map by Coulson in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 260.
Hawabir, El- NE of T Moqdam 30 43 06N
31 23 59E 
513 The 1914 map shows a mound of 500 x 200m just 2km SW of the town of El-Hawabir. Completely levelled to fields. Not found by Friedman-Buck survey of 1992. SoE 1:50,000 (1914). Bietak, Tell ed-Daba II, map 4; 
Hawaga (Khawaga), K el-  - - - - See Bilshasha (8) -
Hazub, T NW of Ismailiya 30 46 04N
32 08 22E
130 x 70m
214 A small mound is visible on satellite images from 2019, next to a major new road development. -
Hilayla, T el-
(Akyad el Qibliyyah)
E of Faqus 30 43 59N
31 53 42E
part levelled
539 Amsterdam University survey 1984-5: The mound has been cut by the Sada Drain. Roman - Coptic sherds noted. The SCA supervised land is only a small part of the site, which extends on both sides of the canal. SCA Sharqiya register 13120036, under the name Akyad el Qibliyyah. SoE 1:25,000 series, 89/690; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1987), 7ff.
Hisn, K el- S of Naukratis 30 47 42N
30 36 01E
750 x 600m
24 Ancient Imaw (later Momemphis), capital of 3rd nome. Details SCA Beheira register no. 100237.
See bibliography on Details page.
Horbeit 5 km W of Abu Kebir 30 44 02N
31 37 05E
195 Ancient Pharbaethos. Liverpool Univ. survey 1983-5: site overbuilt by modern village, with only two small areas left clear, some Pharaonic and GR blocks re-used in houses. SCA Sharqiya register 1350082. PM iv, 26-7; Foucart, in ASAE 2 (1901), 54, fig.5. Tyldesley in Pop. Arch. July 1985, 32; Snape, Six Archaeological Sites.
Humar, T el- NE of Simbellawein 30 55 48N
31 29 38E
82 Shown as three small mounds around a small lake on the 1914 map. 1960s CORONA photographs show a small part of this mound, but the area has since been cultivated. SoE 1:50,000 (1914).
Ibn Salam, K In Menzala, E of Matariya 31 10 45N
32 05 00E
600 x 600m on 1996 map
325 Visited by Foucart in 1900. Cameo of agate with head of man, possibly Augustus, recorded by Andreossy. Satellite imagery shows a large mound. See the photographs here SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050203. Foucart ASAE2 (1901), 61; SoE map 1:100,000 (1916) and ESA 1996 map NH36-N2a. Andreossy, 'Memoire Sur le Lac Menzaleh', Description de l'Egypte XI: 549-553.1802: 547-9).
Ibqa, T SE of K el-Hisn 30 44 45N
30 37 00E
26 Only cultivated fields show on 2006 satellite images of this location. -

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