Thank you for agreeing to give an online presentation for the Egypt Exploration Society. Below is some general guidance that you should read before you begin creating your PowerPoint presentation and to help you during the event. If you have any further questions, then please contact us for details.

You will need:

  • PowerPoint presentation (Keynote for Mac is acceptable, but PowerPoint works best with the webinar software)
  • Laptop/PC – we do not recommend giving your presentation using a mobile phone or tablet
  • Webcam (optional, but recommended)
  • Microphone
  • Speakers (your laptop should have audio enabled)
  • Zoom – ideally, installed on your machine from here:
  • To send us your course title, abstract, dates, and images at least two months before the start of your course (ideally earlier) using this form:

General guidance for presenters:

  • Make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection
  • Block out background noise by closing doors and windows, and turning your phone off
  • Check that the backdrop for your webcam is not too bright (i.e. not a window) or too busy.
    • Both can detract from the quality of your video stream and distract attendees. We also recommend having a light source in front of you to aid clarity.
  • Whether you choose to use a webcam or not, ensure that you include a photograph of yourself on your title slide with your presentation title, your name, and contact details (email optional), you might also consider adding any social media channels you use.
  • Keep the main information of your slides in the centre – items at the bottom or top can be cut off on smaller screens.
  • Project clearly to your microphone (this might be in your webcam or your laptop depending on what you use) and speak slowly so that attendees can follow you.
  • Keep to time, attendees have less concern with leaving an overrunning presentation than they would if presented physically. You may be muted and cut off by the host/chair.
  • Ensure that your final slide includes further reading or contact details and leave this up during questions.
  • If you will present images of human remains, please make this clear in a warning before sharing. We recommend ‘mummified human remains’ rather than ‘mummy’.



I have a strong and stable internet connection


My backdrop is suitable, and I have removed distractions


I have blocked out background noise


I have included a photograph of myself on my opening slide


I have attended an EES online lecture to familiarise myself with Zoom


I have included further reading or contact details on my final slide


I have timed my presentation


How will it work?

Essential step by step for presenting at an EES online event

  • Once your event is agreed, it will be set up on Zoom. You will be invited to attend the event as a panellist and an email will be sent to you from Zoom. You do not need to do anything with that link right now, and further reminder emails will be sent nearer to the event. If you do not receive the email, then check your junk emails before contacting the EES.
  • 20 minutes before your event is due to begin (ensure you have checked any time zone differences relevant to your location), click on the ‘join’ link in the email. You will be asked to open Zoom which you should allow.
  • Once there, the host/chair will greet you and you can start your webcam (‘video’) and microphone (‘audio’) by clicking the buttons at the bottom left of the screen.
  • The host will then allow you to share your own screen. You can use the ‘share screen’ (green button) function at the bottom of your screen to select your PowerPoint presentation. You can then start your presentation as normal
  • If you are in a panel or series of presentations, then you will need to remain off webcam and audio until your presentation comes up. The host can mute you and request you to start webcam if you have any trouble.
  • Once the host/chair has introduced you, they will mute themselves and turn their webcam off so that you can begin your presentation.
  • When you have finished presenting, please leave your final slide on the screen so that attendees can take any final notes.
  • The host/chair will then unmute themselves and come back onto webcam.
  • Questions received in the Q&A function will be read to you by the host/chair and you should answer these in full while remaining on webcam. The chat function will be disabled during the presentations and we recommend that you close it during your presentation.
  • Once thanked by the host/chair, you are welcome to turn your webcam off so that the next presenter can begin their screen sharing and start their webcam.
  • You may choose to remain in the event if there are further presentations, but please remain off webcam and audio unless called on by the host/chair. Hosts can downgrade panellists to attendees once they’ve finished presenting.

What do I do if I get logged out?

Don’t panic, simply go back to your email and re-join the event as before. The host/chair will explain to attendees. We will allow 5 minutes before moving onto another presentation or closing the event.

Good luck!

Speaking for the EES should be a rewarding experience allowing you to explore your own subject with those passionate about learning more. We’re here to support you in that journey.

Thank you for supporting the Egypt Exploration Society by contributing to our online events programme.

If you have any further questions then contact Charlotte Jordan, Engagement Manager at [email protected].

Updated on 3rd August 2021