Thank you for agreeing to Chair an online EES event or panel. The following points provide general guidance for chairing online, but if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Arrive at the event at least 30 minutes in advance of the start time. This will give chairs and speakers 15 minutes to introduce themselves to each other and test that they can share their screens. If a speaker has not arrived before the event begins broadcasting, then it will not be possible to check their screen sharing capabilities.
  • Someone from the EES will be on hand to provide tech support throughout the events.
  • Greet attendees to the event/panel and remind them that they can engage with other attendees in the chat function (available at the bottom of their page) before the presentations begin. After that, the chat will be disabled so that focus is on the speaker.
  • You may wish to warn attendees that the event is live, and we may experience some issues due to internet connections and to be patient.
  • Attendees can ask questions in the Q&A function also available at the bottom of their screen.
  • Be patient with speakers and ask them to share their screen and webcam only during their presentation.
  • Keep speakers to time. Turn your webcam on a minute before they should finish as a warning and remain on screen until they finish presenting. You may need to unmute yourself to ask them to round up their presentation.
  • Have your webcam and microphone on at the start and end of the panel and between presentations. You will need to have your camera and webcam on to chair questions.
  • Chair questions from the Q&A during the time allocated – ignore questions in the chat box (this will usually be disabled anyway).
  • If there are too many questions to get through, then just remind everyone that we cannot get through all the questions in the time available and conclude the session or move onto the next presenter. You may wish to ‘dismiss’ any unanswered questions in the Q&A to make it easier to see the new ones.
    • If you dismiss or answer any questions, then they will become publicly visible as will any typed answers.
  • If a speaker does not arrive, then amend the timetable by removing their slot and moving on to the next speaker or ending the event early. All speakers have been asked to attend the entirety of the event at which they speak.
  • If a speaker loses internet connection, then please return to camera and microphone and ask everyone to be patient as we allow them 5 minutes to rejoin. If they are unable to rejoin, then move onto the next speaker or end the event early. Someone from the EES will also be there to assist.

Good luck!

Thank you for supporting the Egypt Exploration Society by contributing to our online events programme.

If you have any further questions then contact Charlotte Jordan, Engagement Manager at [email protected].

Updated on 3rd August 2021