Essam holds an MA from Cairo University where his research focused on the building activities of Napatan rulers at Karnak during the 25th Dynasty. Since 2010 he has directed work at the Osiris Ptah Nebankh Research Project (OPNARP), including a 25th Dynasty chapel, at Karnak where he was previously employed at Inspector of Antiquities for the MoA.

Essam has previous fieldwork experience across Egypt including the temple of Dendera (IFAO), Qurna (ARCE), and Qubbet el-Hawa Research Project (EES). His professional training includes photography, archaeological surveying, epigraphy, and illustration.

Since 2013, Essam has been employed as the EES Fieldwork and Engagement Manager in Cairo. In this role he liaises with the Ministry of Antiquities and other Egyptian institutions on behalf of the Society in order to facilitate archaeological missions. He also organises the Society’s educational and training events for students and researchers in Egypt and manages the day-to-day running of the EES Cairo Office.