Dr Linda SteynorDr Linda Steynor studied English and Spanish at Bristol University; her subsequent career in education at local and national level included the inspection of English and Modern Foreign Languages, and the strategic leadership and governance of schools. She continues her involvement in education as Chair of Governors of a large Norfolk High School. In retirement Linda was able to pursue her lifelong interest in the language and literature of ancient cultures. Her major research interest is in the literary nature of Egyptian texts, and in August 2012 she gained her PhD at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her thesis examines the functions of metaphor in the Tale of the Eloquent Peasant. She has been a guest lecturer at Birkbeck College, and has published and contributed to conferences and seminars. She is the English Editorial Assistant for Trabajos de Egiptología and has acted in that capacity for the Ministry of Antiquities Press, Cairo. Linda has been a member of the EES since 2002, during which times she has participated in its programme of activities and continues to enjoy the sense of an Egyptological community which the Society has created. She brings to the Society and its Board of Trustees a recent student perspective, a career-long understanding of organisational strategy, a high regard for the Society’s aims and a willingness to contribute to these to secure the Society’s future success.