Professor Geoffrey MartinProfessor Geoffrey Martin is Edwards Professor of Egyptology Emeritus at University College London, and Fellow Commoner at Christ’s College, Cambridge University. For almost five decades he has been involved in archaeological and epigraphic missions in Egypt and The Sudan, most of which were sponsored by the Egypt Exploration Society and the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden. He is currently Field Director of the Cambridge Expedition to the Valley of the Kings, which recently re-excavated, with interesting results, the tomb of Horemheb, one of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs. Author of numerous monographs and articles on Egyptology and other subjects, his most recent publication is a study of inscribed stelae from Abydos, which commemorate the courtiers and entourage of Egypt’s earliest kings, c.3000 BC. Currently he is preparing a revised version of his 1989 publication on the Saqqara tomb of Horemheb, then commander-in-chief of Tutankhamun prior to his becoming King Horemheb.