This practical workshop hosted at The Egypt Exploration Society in London, the first of many throughout 2022, will feature two main aspects. Samira Mian will be leading a practical session where you will be drawing two Islamic geometric patterns to talk home with you. To begin with, we will be contextualising these geometric patterns seen within the architecture of Cairo.

This introductory talk will present a brief overview of Islamic Architecture in Cairo, with a focus on the Mamluk period (1250-1517). It will discuss some of the monuments which have become today venerated landmarks in the cityscape. It will explain the architectural and design development and show how it has played an essential role in creating Cairo's renowned urban image and artistic legacy.

Islamic Geometric Patterns have adorned palaces, madrassas and mosques and Illuminated Manuscripts from Spain across to China from the 8th Century till now. We will recreate a couple of these historical patterns from Cairo using a compass and straightedge, the same tools that would have been used by countless geometers and artisans for centuries across the Islamic Lands. By drawing an underlying grid of circles and lines we will outline & colour shapes to form beautiful patterns.

The ticket price includes all materials and equipment, and participants will take home their Islamic geometric pattern at the end of the day.  

Workshop Schedule

The schedule for this practical session will be as follows (UK time):

18:00-18:45 – Presentation: Introduction to Islamic Architecture in Cairo
18:45-19:00 – Refreshment Break
19:00-21:00 – Practical Session: Drawing Islamic Geometric Patterns 
20:00-20:15 – Refreshment Break


Breathing new life into the centuries-old technique of straight edge & compasses rigorous geometry to create beautifully simple and intricate patterns. Samira Mian uses her background in Mathematics and Education to share her knowledge and artistic passion. For the last 6 years, she has regularly taught in the UK and led many workshops abroad. Samira enjoys connecting with a diverse range of people via her social media. Being part of a global community enables her to teach online with her own courses and workshops as well as bespoke workshops tailored to schools, societies, museums, charities, corporate staff events and families. Find out more and follow her via her website.


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