The Egypt Exploration Society Congress

The Egypt Exploration Society Congress (formerly the British Egyptology Congress) provides a platform for international researchers to present their ongoing projects and discoveries to a broad audience of peers and the interested public through presentations or posters.

Presentations can be given by scholars at all levels of their career including independent researchers with no current affiliation. Presenters do not need to be British or be based in Britain to present.

The Congress is held by the Egypt Exploration Society every two years in collaboration with a British host institution. Applications to host EESC will be advertised on the EES website in the intervening years immediately following a Congress.

In 2020, the Fifth British Egyptology Congress was hosted by Durham University (hence the choice of banner image). Due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, the Congress was held online between September and December 2020. Thanks to the success of this format, future Congress are expected to be held online or a hybrid.