The pages of the website of the Delta Survey have been continuously updated since their creation, with the addition of additional sites, new data on existing sites, recent images, supplementary bibliography and links to the websites of individual projects. This Commentary page has been recently added (July 2016) to provide information on these updates, and on the general progress of the EES Delta Survey. Updates are listed below beginning with the most recent.

October 2020: Additional images to Kom Abu el-Humar el-Kebir (292), Kom el-Arab (243), Kom Alawi (241), Kom el-Akhdar (259), and Kom Ganadi (617). New entry for Kom Balbaah (751). Date ranges of pottery added to descriptions of 22 sites.

April 2020: The URL of the British Museum Naukratis Project having been changed, the link was updated accordingly. Additional bibliography added for Tell Rotab (219); Tell el-Farain (4) and Tell Samara (175).

December 2019: Added bibliograohy for Basta (220), Mara/Murrah (493); Matariya (528), Nuss el-Kebir and Nuss el-Saghrier (285-6).

October 2019: Added bibliography for Abu Billo (729); Basta (220); Farain (4); Farkha (334); Mara/Murrah (493); Qantir(192); Rotab (219); Iswid (594). New page for Tell el-Iswid (184) with modern name T. el-Nashed.

July 2019: Content and images added to Daba (332); Daba (277); Disheimi (240); Garad (264); Mastoruh (501); Nuss (123); Qassabi (248); Qeid el-Gahsh (256); Quleia (245) and Sheikh Ibrahim (244).

June 2019: Content and images added to Abdu Pasha (621); Ghasuli (362); Magayir (i), (ii) and (iii) (395, 697, 698). Corrected cordinates for Abdu Pasha; Magayir (i) and (iii). Added content for Mahar (398).

March 2019: bibliography added to Tell Dafana (212), Kom Kortas (16), Kom Turuga (303) and data to Kom el-Khilgan (607).

June - July 2018: links to maps added for Koms Bunduq (283), Khubbeiza (257), Nashwein (263), Ritabi (258). A few more images also added for these sites.

October - November 2017: Numerous edits prior to and immediately following the launch of the new EES website, in which the Delta Survey now forms a subsite under the "What we Do" and "Fieldwork". The function of the downloadable file for the presentation of selected sites in Google Earth was restored as the links were updated.

August - September 2017: A substantial revision to add data from the 1960s Corona photography, illustrating the former condition of many sites.

May 2017: Added site Tell Abu el-Halyat [no. 735]. Added bibliographic items for Tell Atrib, Tell Basta, Tell el-Farain, Kom el-Hisn, Tell Mara (Murra), Sa el-Hagar, San el-Hagar and Tell Tinnis.

March 2017: Added bibliographic items for Tell el- Balamun [148], Tell el-Yahudiya [311], Tell er-Rotab [219] and Kom el-Nugus/Plinthine [736]. Data added to Ezbet el-Mutran [733].

January 2017: Added bibliographic items for Tell Basta, Tell Farun and Tell er-Rotab.

November 2016: Added bibliographic items and / or weblinks for Tell el-Farain (Buto), San el-Hagar (Tanis), Kom el-Hisn, Dahab [321], Iswid South, Nugus (Plinthine) and Dibgou [167].

August 2016: Transfer of bibliographic references from Kom el-Asfar (EES 279) to other sites of the same name in different locations. Identification of one of these with Abu Raiya (EES 269) from the Survey of Egypt 1:100,000 (1916) map. The other added as EES no. 743. (Data kindly provided by Robert Schiestl).

July 2016: Major revision of the website to incorporate new data from a re-examination of satellite imagery for all sites. This task revealed the condition of certain sites to have deteriorated significantly over the last decade, with portions of archaeological mounds or entire sites levelled to agriculture or overbuilt by settlement, cemeteries or industrial facilities. This process reinforces the importance of the Delta Survey continuing its work of documentation while time permits.

Sites included in this revision are: Abu Akim, Abu el Gudur, Ahmar [1], Azla, Bashallis, Bat el Kom, Bishara, Daba [141], Daba [332], Dahab [591], Deir el Hamra, Ez. Jizawi, Faranah, Filus, Gebel, Ghuzz [154], Halbouny, Handuqa, Khubbeiza, Kortas, Lugga, Maqluba, Matyur, Meebid, Minshat Omar, Minshat Ezzat, Nashwein, Nawam, Qamh, Qara, Qasr el Banat, Raghib, Roka, Ruhban, Sa el Hagar, Saadiya, Saba (i), Shagara, Sheikh Ibrahim, Shuhada, Sidi Zeid, Silvagou, Tawila, Tibn [127], Tubul, Umm Agram, Umm el Lahm N, Umm el Lahm S, Umm Sir, Waqidi, Zalat, Zuwelein.

Six additional sites have been added to the collection: Kom Taeb [737], Kom el-Kidwa [738] and Kom el-Hasil [739], Kom el-Gilla [740], Kom Zumran [741] and Neqrash [742]. These were all among the locations included in the Coulson-Leonard Naukratis regional survey of 1979-82, see the map by Coulson in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 260.

As now mentioned on the Development of the Survey page, the links to Google Earth have been removed from the site pages (although the collection of sites in a Google Earth presentation remains). This change was necessitated because the links led to the most recent images, not the more informative older ones originally selected, which can now be accessed by using the time-control facility within Google Earth itself. Following this change, some informative satellite images from various dates have been placed among the pictures on the detail pages of certain sites. These illustrate the effect of change over time noted above.