Originally part of a single archaeological mound with Kom Daba el-Qibli [613] - see the satellite images on the Detail page for that site.

Inspected and mapped by Penny Wilson in 2004, who reported as cited below:See also Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 109-116, 341-5.

This is a small tell containing some burials in pottery coffins. It has been encroached upon at the sides and was once clearly more extensive. The surface matrix is very sandy, but on the eastern side where the tell has been cut away a number of graves are visible. They consist of burials in pottery coffins of various shapes, including long, narrow coffins in two parts, large pots and also brick built vaults. This eastern side is less densely covered in pottery than the western side where more sherds and material is visible on the surface. There are noticeable amounts of red brick fragments mixed in with the sherds on this side of the site. To the north of the site there are fish farms.

A team led by Penny Wilson returned to the site in 2005 to carry out drill-cores and mapping. Drill cores showed that the site was founded on a sand bank, which dominated the underlying matrices on the eastern side. On the west and to the south, however, there was more variety in the soil. To the east the cores were almost all dominated by the presence of sand and showing brick or pottery fragments at or near the surface only. On the west of Daba north some shale was encountered at 2.5m, and on the east only sand was found, suggesting that the channel or marsh in this area ran from the south-west to the north-east.

The photographs here show the condition of the mound, one of the pottery coffins embedded in a section, and a selection of surface sherds. The picture at the top left is a view of the mound taken from Kom Daba el-Qibli (613) in Autumn 2005. Note the green vegetation in this view - the result of the wetter season.

A selection of photographs from a large collection of images taken by Dr Penny Wilson in 2004-5.