Surveyed for the Delta Survey in 2018 by a team led by Dr P. Wilson: See Hinojosa-Baliño, I., Tiribilli, E. and Wilson, P. 2019, 'The Delta Survey: Recent work in Kafr el-Sheikh and Beheira', Egyptian Archaeology 55, 10-13.

The site lies 4.3km SSE of Sidi Salem and the original mound area was 436m by 348m. Around half of the eastern side has been put under salvage excavations, leaving an area of 281 by 189m. The eastern and western side of the site seem to be separated by a flat area running through the centre, which may be an ancient river channel. The total area was 0.09km2, but according to the Corona imagery from 1968, the area actually extended much further to the south-east than now.

The pottery and glass at the site dated to the Roman and Late Roman period, and included some Nile silt cooking pots, African and Egyptian Red slipwares, Amphora égyptienne type 3 rims, bases and handles.

The magnetic survey established that there was probably a river channel or canal running through the site between the main mound to the north and the smaller high area to the south, with the channel trending south-east to north-west. The lack of material in the area between the two mounds is very suggestive of a silted-up waterway.


View over the western mound to the north                                    View towards south over flat area between mounds


View east over salvage area                                                             Section of mound at side

Burner and amphora base