Name Location
Map ref.
Extent No. Notes Literature
Dabbura, T NE of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 10 42N
31 01 45E
93 No trace of any mound is visible on satellite imagery, which shows only cultivated fields. -
Dafana, T E of Husseiniya 30 51 29N
32 10 45E
1200 x 700m
212 Ancient Daphnae. Site of a temple-town established by Psamtik I, with some later Persian-Period settlement. Details and photos Petrie and Griffith, Tanis II, Nebesheh and Defenneh. Major study by Leclère, F. and Spencer, J., Tell Dafana Reconsidered. London, British Museum, 2014. For additional bibliography see the Details page.
Dahab, K 500m SE of K Firin 30 51 36N
30 29 52E
230 x 120m
591 Trial excavations and survey by American Naukratis Project of 1979-1982. Sketch-map and some ceramic drawings published. Seemed to be Roman, 2nd -4thC AD. Satellite images show an area was levelled from the west side of the mound between 2004 and 2016. Details SCA Beheira register no. 100229 lists a Kadweh el-Zahab in this location - probably the same site.
Dahab, K ed- Lake Menzala, 10km S of Damietta 31 18 50N
31 49 54E
600 x 600m
321 Mound completely encircled by high reeds in Lake Menzala. Intact but difficult of access. Roman Period. Many buildings show on satellite imagery taken in 2011. Details SCA Daqahliya - Damietta register no. 050105. SoE 1:100,000, 1916; RT 20, 167;ASAE 2, 63-4; ESA 1996 map NH36-N1d. See Marouard, G. 2014. 'Kom ed-Dahab Interpreted', Egyptian Archaeology 45 (Autumn 2014).
Dahab, K ed- S edge of Lake Edku, 2km east of Terfayah, 12 km north of Kafr ed-Dawar 31 13 57N
30 08 58E
236 x 165 x 4m (2005)
635 Inspected and mapped by Penny Wilson in 2004-5. This small circular mound is located in the fish farms of ‘Lake’ Edku. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100158, as Kom ed-Dahab (iii). See P. Wilson and J. Rowland in JEA 92 (2006), 3 [as K el-Tarfaya]. Mapped by Penny Wilson, 2005.
Dahab, K ed- SW of Damanhur 30 58 03N
30 19 39E
640 x 220m
302 A substantial but low mound noted by S R Snape in 1996. Inspected by Penny Wilson in 2004. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100157. SoE 1:100,000 (1916); 1:25,000 series map 91/540.
Dahab K el- 5km WNW of El-Haddadi 31 20 14N
30 44 18E
131 x 77 x 3.2m (2003)
461 Visited and mapped in 2003 by Penny Wilson for the EES, and found to be partly covered by the cemetery of a village named Ezbet K el Dahab. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090170. Only a village on the SoE 1:100,000 map (1916). See Wilson, P. and Spencer, N., in EA24 (Spring 2004), 10-11; Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 226-8.
Dahab, T ed- S of Dikirnis 30 59 14N
31 38 44E
65 x 35m
171 Noted by the Italian survey of 1987 as a disturbed Roman mound of elongated shape, isolated in fields, with sherds and glass fragments on the surface. Satellite images show progressive reduction since 2004 -  almost completely gone by 2010. SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050208. SoE 1:25,000 series, 91/675; Chlodnicki and Fattovich in CRIPEL 14 (1992), 45-53; id., in Brink, NDIT, 171ff with map on p.173.
Damalun, T el- Edge of Menzala, S of Damietta 31 17 10N
31 47 27E
350 x 220
476 Also pronounced locally as 'Dabalun'. The site lies beside the El-Salam canal and consists of two low mounds linked by a narrow ridge. Satellite images taken in 2011 show ancient buildings on the eastern part. SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050108. SoE 1:100,000 (1916) map; ESA 1:50,000 (1996) map NH36-N1d.
Damis, K SE shore of Lake Burullos 31 22 25N
30 33 52E
463 Satellite imagery (2007) shows a village here, possibly built on the flattened remains of the mound. On SoE 1:50,000 (1909) map as "Halaqi Kom Damis", but without indication of any mound.
Dandahur, T el- N coast, E of Burullos 31 29 03N
31 12 41E
700 x 250m
131 Also called Landahur. Visible on satellite imagery as a long, narrow mound. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register  no. 090159 (as Landahowr).
Dawafar, T el- In Lake Burullos 31 34 21N
31 02 12E
sand dune
552 Visited by Penny Wilson for the Delta Survey in 2012: A large sand hill, up to 10m high, with fragments of pottery. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register  no. 090129
Deibi, K 12km N of Fuwa 31 18 47N
30 30 47E
625 Visited by Penny Wilson in 2004, who found the site completely overbuilt but still quite elevated. Details and photos SoE 1:100,000 (1916). SCA Beheira register no. 100177. Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 188-9, 411-14.
Deibi, K N of Damanhur 31 05 45N
30 29 08E
700 A tiny mound which may be this site is visible on satellite imagery (2006) of this location. SCA Beheira register no. 100159.
Deir el Hamra, T ed- E of Simbellawein 30 57 25N
31 41 50E
169 Italian survey 1987. Ptolemaic to Roman. Site levelled to fields at the edge of a village. Tiny remnant visible in 2009 gone by 2016. Some Late Roman pottery. SCA Sharqiya register 13190052. SoE 1:25,000 series, 91/675; Chlodnicki and Fattovich in CRIPEL 14 (1992), 45-53. See id., Bull. GIECE 13, 25. On map in Brink, NDIT, 173.
Deir el Hamra, T ed- (ii) 3km WNW of San el Hagar 30 59 06N
31 50 49E
684 Large area in the cultivation owned by  SCA, adjacent to Tell Umm el-Lahm (N) [162] and the area site Tell Umm el-Lahm (ii) [488]. SCA Sharqiya register 13190109.
Deir, El- NW of Shibin el Qanatir 30 20 09N
31 16 25E
722 The modern town of El-Deir. SCA Qalubiya register no. 070203.
Deir, T ed- At New Damietta 31 25 34N
31 41 40E
50 feddan x 10m high
150 Visited 1997 by J and P Spencer. Sandy tell with buried red-brick structures of Late Roman - Coptic age. Details and photos SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050109. Noted in EA 11 (1997), 28.
Derbi, K el- 8km SE of Mansura 31 00 03N
31 25 53E
84 Noted by Foucart in 1893, but no trace of antiquities even then. Satellite imagery (2006) shows a modern cemetery within a village on a low mound here. Appears on SoE 1916 1:100,000 map. Foucart, in ASAE 2, 46, 74.
ESA 1996 map NH36-I4c (as a village only).
Desie Kanayis NE of Damanhur 31 08 17N
30 32 33E
705 Location from SCA map. A small village on a levelled and reduced mound. SCA Beheira register no. 100138.
Diab, T E of Simbellawein 30 57 12N
31 41 55E
347 Italian survey 1987-8: A Roman site. Now a square patch of land of 100x 100m overbuilt  by a small village is all that remains (2007). SoE 1:25,000 series, 91/675; Chlodnicki and Fattovich in CRIPEL 14 (1992), 45-53. On map in Brink, NDIT, 173.
Diarb Nigm N of Zagazig 30 45 06N
31 26 12E
part overbuilt
70 Part of the original mound, measuring 200 x 130m, was still clear on the S side of the town until 2009, when it was overbuilt. -
Diba, T ed- SW of Zagazig 30 31 20N
31 25 15E
61 Satellite imagery (2007) shows only a medium-size settlement at this location. -
Diba, T ed- E of Husseiniya 30 51 47N
32 04 57E
209 Perhaps the small mound visible on CORONA images at this location, now levelled to fields. Or maybe an alternative name for Tell Firan (EES 656), which is closer to a village called Daba. -
Diba, T ed- E of Simbellawein 30 51 30N
31 35 20E
almost destroyed 1987
336 Italian survey 1987-8: Archaic to OK pottery. Fields at N of village, itself on a mound with a large cemetery mound within the village. SoE 1:25,000 series, 90/660; Chlodnicki and Fattovich in CRIPEL 14 (1992), 45-53; id., in Brink NDIT, 173; and Bull. GIECE 13, 24.
Dibgu, K E of Tanis 30 58 07N
31 59 30E
90 x 70m
168 Satellite imagery shows a progressive reduction of the mound from 2004 to a mere trace by 2016. Also known as Ezbet Fadl. -
Dibgu, T E of Tanis 31 00 34N
31 58 45E
900 x 880m
167 The mound has a high central part surrounded by extensive low and sandy areas, particularly wide at the west. The surface is covered with fired bricks, ceramic slag and fragments of glass. Details and photos SCA Sharqiya register 13060110. SoE 1:100,000 (1916) map, also ESA 1:50,0000 (1996) map. Survey and excavation project directed by Philippe Brissaud begun in 2013. See
Difshu, K 4km N of Kafr ed Dauwar 31 10 05N
30 07 31E
530 x 410 x 10m (2004)
624 A high mound mostly covered by a modern cemetery belonging to the nearby villages of Ezbet Mohammed ed Din and Zinzu. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100176.
SoE 1:100,000 (1916). ESA 1:50,000 map NH36-M1a (1996). P.Wilson and J. Rowland in JEA 92 (2006), 3.
New map of site by Penny Wilson, 2005.
Dilingat, K 10 km SW of Naukratis 30 49 22N
30 32 39E
140 x 80m
21 Site under modern town. Noted by American Naukratis project. SCA excavations in 1980s. with Roman burials found. Details SCA Beheira register no. 100256. Coulson and Leonard, COD, I. Naukratis, 86; id., JFA 6 (1979), 168. On sketch map by Coulson, in Brink, Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 260.
Dima, K NW of Mansura 31 09 34N
31 18 47E
120 x 70m
85 Not shown at all on ESA 1996 map NH36-I4c. A small sandy mound, cut down to a  rectangular shape, set in fields is visible on satellite imagery (2007). -
Dimeis, K W of Damanhur 31 01 45N
30 22 00E
301 A modern town on an ancient site, with a modern cemetery at the east end. SCA Beheira register no. 100186-87. Shown on SoE 1916 map as a double mound, K Dimeis es-Sharqi and el-Gharbi. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Dimeiyin, El- 4.5km NE of Dahtamun 30 42 00N
31 44 50E
75 x 50 x 1.4m(S),
75 x 75 x 2.8m(N)
565 Amsterdam University survey 1984. Only two small mounds remain N and S of the village of El-Dimeiyin, which is built on the levelled centre of the tell. Both covered by modern graves. Roman sherds on N mound. SoE 1:25,000 series, 88/675; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1986), 7ff. See PM IV, 10. 
Dinshal, K SE of Damanhur 30 58 15N
30 32 07E
80 x 65m
12 The 1916 SoE map shows a large mound just NW of Dinshal town: this has now all been levelled apart from a small remnant covered by a modern cemetery. SoE 1:100,000 (1916). SCA Beheira register no. 100252 (location too far south on SCA map).
Dirdir, T el- NW of Awlad Musa 30 48 30N
31 43 55E
563 Amsterdam University survey 1984. Former tell with a diameter of 170m. shows on CORONA photography of 1968.  Now totally vanished. OK sherds collected from fields. SCA Unregistered site no. 130010. SoE 1:25,000 series, 89/675; Brink, MDAIK 43 (1986), 7ff; id., “The Amsterdam University Survey to the north-eastern Nile Delta (1984-1986)”, in Brink Archaeology of the Nile Delta, 65-114. 
Disheimi, K Lake Burullos 31 25 00N
30 40 17E
570 x 370m
240 On SoE 1916 map but not marked on ESA 1996 map NH36-M2c (Entire island not shown). Now stands in marsh on the edge of the lake. Surveyed for the Delta Survey in 2018 by a team led by Dr P. Wilson. Details and photos SoE 1:100,000 (1916). SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090148.
Dosha, K ed- Gireis, Ashmun district 30 18 32N
30 55 52E
305 Description given by Daressy in 1912 as a low mound, bordered by palms and fields. Inspected by Joanne Rowland, 2006, who noted fired bricks but no remains of a mound. Details Daressy, ASAE 12, 174-91.

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