Name Location
Map ref.
Extent No. Notes Literature
Beni Tamin, T near T el-Yahudiya 30 19 50N
31 20 00E
54 Entirely overbuilt by a town. -
Berimbal Near Dikirnis 31 09 43N
31 43 56E
478 Shown only as a town on the SoE 1:100,000 map (1916). A small cemetery in the west side of the town is elevated 8m above the cultivation. Foucart, ASAE 2 (1901), 71; SoE 1:100,000 map (1916).
Bey, T el SW of Husseiniya 30 49 40N
31 52 00E
597 Listed by Amsterdam University survey of 1984-5: Saite, Ptolemaic and Roman sherds noted. Now a village and cultivated fields. Brink, in MDAIK 43 (1986), 22.
Bilgai Near Mansura 30 58 32N
31 23 30E
518 Small site 4km NW of Baqliya, with Coptic material. Stela of Rameses II (Cairo) from site, attributed to Baqliya by Habachi. Area now cultivated. Bietak, Tell ed-Daba, II; PM IV:40; Gardiner, ZÄS 1, 49-57; see also LA 1, 813.
Billa, T 5 km SSW of Dikirnis 31 03 25N
31 34 50E
25 feddan in 1996
156 Also known as Tell Tebilla. Ancient Onuphis or Phernouphis. Formerly a large tell with a mass of ruins within a ruined enclosure wall, but considerably reduced in size and partly overbuilt by a water-treatment plant. Investigated by an expedition from the University of Toronto since 1999. Details SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050205.
Bilshasha, K el- (Hawaga) NW of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 09 06N
30 51 12E
170 x 70 x 4m in 1983
DAI 1983 survey under the name of Kom el Hawaga [Khawaga]. East part under a modern cemetery, the west cut by a brick factory. Pottery collected was all Roman to Byzantine. Levelled to fields by 1990. P. Ballet and T. von der Way, MDAIK 49 (1993), 18-20, Fig.9, nos.59-62. See also Schiestl 2010a.
Biltus, K 2.4km NW of Zawiyet Razin 30 25 36N
30 50 04E
300 x 260m
A low mound, clear of modern structures, lying in cultivated land just west of the Rosetta branch of the Nile. SoE 1:100,000 map (1916).
Birka, K el- NW of Biyala 31 15 36N
31 05 15E
103 A mound 300m long from N to S shows on CORONA imagery of the 1960s, in an area of wasteland. Satellite imagery (2007) shows this area divided into basins for fish-farms. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Birka, K el- S of Kafr ed-Dauwar 31 05 16N
30 05 22E
361 About 100m long in 1916. Now overbuilt by a village and a cemetery. The shape of the original mound can be seen in satellite images of 2007. A part at the north has been levelled. SCA Beheira register no. 100152 (location inexact?). SoE 1:100,000 (1916). ESA 1:50,000 map (1996), sheet NH36-M1a.
Birkawi, El- 15km WSW of Bilbeis 30 22 59N
31 23 08E
673 A small village built over a levelled mound. A few parts of the mound are visible between the houses. NK, LP and GR sherds noted. SCA Sharqiya register 13160094.
Birket Kheir, T SW of Abu Hummus 30 56 06N
30 12 58E
420 A flattened mound occupied by a village. It has been cut by an irrigation canal from east to west. The shape of the former mound shows in satellite imagery of 2007. It was once 420 x 200m. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Bishara, T 10km NE of Husseiniya 30 55 19N
31 59 28E
600 x 400m
total area
650 CORONA imagery shows a mound of 300 x 150m here in 1968. Now reduced to a patchwork of mound remnants among the cultivated fields. In 2016, test-pits and square trenches were dug all over the site, probably in advance of disposal. See images SCA Sharqiya register 13060018.
Bishat Qayid 6km NE of Zagazig 30 38 17N
31 32 22E
677  A village built on an ancient mound. SCA Sharqiya register 13030002.
Bisintawi, K NW of Damanhur 31 07 47N
30 21 29E
levelled to agriculture
333 The once extensive mound here with many Roman baths and conduits has been levelled for agriculture. Inspected by Penny Wilson for the Delta Survey, 2005. Details SCA Beheira register no. 100124. Bernand, Delta d'apres les textes grecs, 467-8. Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 131-3.
Biteita, K NE of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 08 58N
31 01 10E
90 CORONA photographs from 1967show a circular mound 160m across. Since levelled to fields. -
Bituris, K SW of Abu Hummus 30 58 39N
30 13 40E
70 x 50m
428 Very small area shown on ESA 1996 map NH36-I4c, by Ezba Salim Fudayli. Satellite imagery shows the low mound covered by a modern cemetery. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).; ESA 1996 map NH36-I4c.
Bukhseikha, T el- Island in Menzala 31 25 06N
31 55 43E
151 Now in reclaimed land east of Damietta. -
Bunduq, K NW of Tida 31 18 31N
30 48 59E
220 x 200m
283 An almost circular low mound set in the cultivation, clear of structures and tracks. Inspected and mapped by Penny Wilson for the Delta Survey, 2012. Details SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090113
Burashiya, T el- 8 km N of El-Qurdi 31 14 31N
31 45 22E
280 x 190m
320 Perhaps same as Kom el-Hartein of RT 20, 167 and ASAE 2, 63. Excavations in 1996 by Chief Inspector Atef Abu el-Dahap revealed Late Roman mud-brick and fired-brick buildings. Site covered by a modern cemetery. Details SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050107. On SoE 1:100,000 (1916) map. See also Moh Shata “Damietta as a Gateway to Egypt in Ancient and Modern Times”, in Abstracts of the Eighth ICE Cairo 2000, 167-8.
Bus, K el- S of Abu Hummus 30 59 54N
30 16 25E
230 x 190m
431 Visited by Penny Wilson in 2005. The village and cemetery are situated on the mound. Details SoE 1:100,000 (1916). The SCA Beheira register lists a site of this name but marks it further west, as no. 100108. Either an error in placement or a different site entirely.
Bus, T el-
W of Tanis 30 58 27N
31 49 11E
163 Italian survey 1987-8: was unable to locate this site. It has been entirely levelled to agriculture, but there may be remains under the fields. Adjacent to T. Umm el Lahm (ii). A large area of land is owned by the SCA. SCA Sharqiya register 13190107, under name Chlodnicki and Fattovich in CRIPEL 14 (1992), 50.
Busa, K el- N of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 15 12N
30 53 47E
271 SCA told J Spencer in 1990 the site had been excavated and then levelled. It shows as a small tell about 200m across on the CORONA 1960s imagery. -
Buta, K el- S of Hosh Isa 30 53 20N
30 17 33E
450 Two small villages may be founded on the remnants of a mound at this location. SoE 1:100,000 (1916).
Buweib, T E of Dikirnis 31 04 44N
31 45 57E
535 x 270m
160 A large mound, flat at the edges with a high area in middle. Investigation by the EES Delta Survey began in 2014. Details and photos SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050202. Bietak, Tell ed-Daba, II, map 4. T. Buweib bib: Spencer, J. and Spencer, P., ‘A New Kingdom Temple in the Delta’, Egyptian Archaeology 45 (Autumn 2014), 5-8. See also Egyptian Archaeology 47 (Autumn 2015), 36; Spencer, A.J. 2016, The Delta Survey 2009-2015, EES, London, 11-28.
Daba K ed- S of Shibin el-Kom 30 28 03N
31 01 50E
46 Former location of a large mound, visited by EES survey of 2005, led by J. Rowland. This is a built up environment with surrounding cultivated land and it lies directly on the river. No pottery was observed. -
Daba, K ed- N of Biyala 31 13 21N
31 14 56E
300 x 130 x 3m
111 Satellite imagery shows a mound still exists up to 3m in height in the middle of cultivated fields. It is clear of any modern structures and is crossed by a track from west to east. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090127
Daba, K ed- Central N coast 31 25 33N
31 27 22E
141 Satellite imagery (2007) shows a cluster of mounds in the process of being levelled. All fish-farm lagoons by 2013. Details -
Daba, K ed- 4km N of Damanhur 31 04 31N
30 26 12E
379 Satellite imagery (2007) shows only cultivated fields. SoE 1:100,000 (1916). Apparently not the same as SCA Beheira register no. 100159 (Tell ed-Diebeh, EES 700), which is located further NE on the SCA map.
Daba, K el- ENE of Tida 31 15 53N
30 54 56E
500 x 400m
269 Visited by J and P Spencer 1990 and surveyed in 2011-12. Large tell, deeply cut for sebakh. Details and photos SoE 1:25,000 series, 95/600; Hogarth JHS 24 (1904), 16; Spencer, SA 14 (1992), 536. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090128. See Spencer, A.J. 2016,  The Delta Survey 2009-2015, EES, London, 7-10.
Daba el-Bahari, K el 24km NW of Damanhur 31 12 06N
30 18 23E
200 x 200m
612 This is a small mound, encroached upon at the sides by agriculture. Surveyed by Penny Wilson in 2004-5. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100113. See P. Wilson and J. Rowland in JEA 92 (2006), 9.
Mapped (with Daba el Qibli, site 613) by Penny Wilson, 2005.
Daba el-Qibli, K el 23km NW of Damanhur 31 11 52N
30 18 24E
450 x 300 x 8m (2004)
613 This is a low hillock, lying S of Kom el-Daba el-Bahari and at its highest point above the surrounding fields about 8m high. Visited by Penny Wilson in 2004. Details and photos SCA Beheira register no. 100114. See P. Wilson and J. Rowland in JEA 92 (2006), 9.
See the map for Daba el-Bahari (612).- link in previous entry.
Daba, T SE of Dikirnis 30 57 22N
31 38 25E
300 x 250m 
172 Formerly known as Tell Qanan. Visited by J and P Spencer 1990: large low mound behind village of Ezbet es-Shurafa. SCA excavations of OK burials. Details and photos SCA Daqahliya - Dameitta register no. 050201. SoE 1:25,000 series, 91/675. Chlodnicki, in Bull. GIECE 13, 23-5. More references on detail page.
Daba, T ed- 4.3km SSE of Sidi Salem 31 14 02N
30 46 07E
436 x 348m
332 A low mound covered with red pottery and fired bricks. Surveyed for the Delta Survey in 2018 by a team led by Dr P. Wilson. Details and photos SoE 1:25,000 series, 94/585; Spencer, SA 14 (1992), 536. SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090105.
Daba, T ed- N of Faqus 30 47 11N
31 49 23E
600x 500m
494 Major site not part of this survey
Ancient Avaris. Major long-term excavations by the Austrian Institute. Information is readily available elsewhere.
SCA Sharqiya register 13120049. Much bibliography published by the Austrian Archaeological Institute is listed on the  website
Daba, T el- near Tida 31 15 05N
30 51 39E
400 x 200 x 2-3m high
277 DAI test 1983: Ptolemaic-Roman only: MDAIK 40, 323f. Founded on silt. Visited by J and P Spencer 1990: extensive mound. Details SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090104. SoE 1:25,000 series, 94/585; See Spencer, SA 14 (1992), 536. Wilson, P., The West Delta Regional Survey, Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh Provinces, 256-7.
Dababa, K Just NW of Kafr es-Sheikh 31 08 25N
30 55 06E
9 CORONA images show a small, clear mound here in 1967. It has been overbuilt directly by the village, the footprint of which matches the former mound (as of 2017). SCA Kafr es-Sheikh register no. 090164.
SoE 1:100,000 map (1916); Schiestl 2010b, 5.

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