In response to the global health crisis of 2020 the fifth British Egyptology Congress was held entirely online from September to December 2020. More than 700 people across the world attended BEC5 to hear from 50 different research projects and a further 7 posters. In total, more than 3300 tickets were distributed across the Congress for presentations, posters, and social events. 

Despite its online format, the Congress was hosted and organised by Giorgia Marchiori and Giuseppe Delia at Durham University and the Society is grateful to them both for their adaptability and planning. They have been assisted by Esmeralda Lundius and Dr Elena Tiribilli in the editing of the below online papers. 

The global reach of BEC encouraged the Egypt Exploration Society to rename the Congress to better reflect this worldwide audience and to promote greater inclusivity in its speakers.

Papers presented at BEC5

Posters presented at BEC5

Papers presented at BEC5

The following papers were presented online during BEC5.

Read these papers online

Three devices to aid pyramid construction
Stephen Brichieri-Colombi

Ta-Kr-Hb Tales: The Perth Museum Mummy Project 2012-2023
Mark A Hall

Dismembered, burned, eaten – The handling of dead enemies in ancient Egypt
Rebekka Pabst

A Call to Arms: restoring provenance to the wooden funerary figures of the Egypt Centre
Sam Powell

Rock Stars – Obelisks as Individuals
Chris Elliott

Papers not available to read online

The nbs-tree in Ancient Egypt: Significance and Uses
Reham Ahmed El-Shiwy

Greek Myths in Egyptian Reliefs: Self-Presentation of The Local Elite in Ptolemaic Monumental Tombs
Burcu Akşahin

Presence and Absence of the Tomb Owner in Tomb Decoration
Georgia Barker

The A.R.I.D. Hypothesis: A River In ‘Drought’. An overview
John Burn

The Mut Temple Precinct: Looking for New Kingdom Thebes
Violaine Chauvet

Paddle Dolls in Ancient Egypt: Gaudy or Godly?
Megan Clark

Going Round in Spirals: Analyticity and Syntheticity in the Development of Egyptian Verbal Constructions
Rachael Cornwell

The papyri of Plato and the history of transmission: a preliminary assessment
Maria Vittoria Curtolo

The metamorphosis of Anubis. New light on the substitutes of the "Divine Guide of Souls" in Greek, Roman and Christian culture and art
Giuseppe Delia

Representations of Calves in Some Vignettes of the Book of the Dead
Dina M. Ezz El-Din

Magicians - Monks. Forms of continuity of magical-religious practices of the pre-Christian tradition in Egyptian monastic environments (4th-7th century)
Elisabetta Falduto

Beyond the Egyptian mummy – The Egyptian Collection of the Ulster Museum, Belfast
Shannon Farnon

What can amulets tell us? Understanding the trade and production of amulets in the Nile Delta during the first millennium BCE
Urška Furlan

Ain’t no mountain high and no cavern deep enough: Conceptualizing geographical lemmata in ancient Egyptian thought
Christina Geisen

Sacrificing a Common Enemy: Egyptian hippopotamus deities, the Minoan Genius, and the visual translation of figures of speech across cultural and linguistic barriers
Alexandros Giannakoulas

Deconstructing monumentality: The transportation pathway in Dahshur and the dismantlement of pyramid complexes
Kyra Gospodar

The Egypt Centre, Swansea: Past, Present, and Future
Kenneth Griffin

A realistic palimpsestual representation of the Nile Delta: GIS, archaeology, cosmologies and 4000 years of human development
Israel Hinojosa Baliño

To bee or not to bee: An investigation into the nsw.bity title and the Egyptian understanding of apiculture
Michael Hitches

Missing Wall Decoration from the Southern Room of Amun in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari
Katarzyna Kapiec

Risk and Return in Roman Egypt
Paul Kelly

Transformation of Sacred Space and the Remodelling of Landscape
Mohamed Kenawi (keynote lecture)

Funerary painting of Ptolemaic Alexandria as a model for an Early Christian iconographic cliché
Valeria Kuvatova

The Ancient Egyptian Offering Table: An attempt at reconstructing ancient Egyptian funerary ritual and magical practice
Esmeralda Lundius

(Re)considering the domestic contexts of the Late Roman Nile Delta.
Giorgia Marchiori

From Silent Cinematography to Egyptian Archaeology Investigation
Patrizia Marra

Predynastic hunting imagery from Wadi Abu Subeira: the building of an elite
Sebastián F Maydana

Are Hoopoes Symbolic in Egyptian Pharaonic Art or Just Attractive Birds?
Kim McCorquodale

The Ceramic Pots and the Daily Life of the Old Qurna Community
Mohamed Naguib & Mahmoud Elshafey

The unfairness of Herbert Fairman - Egyptology, War and Empire
Hana Navratilova

Connected Collections: Results of the National Museums Scotland review of Egyptian collections in Scotland
Daniel Potter

A ‘plague of gilt mummies’ - Reassessing Flinders Petrie’s work at Hawara
Campbell Price

Digital Hieroglyphic Writing in 2020
Bob Richmond

‘It’s complicated’: Assyrian-Egyptian relations during the reign of Psamtik I
John Rogers

The curious case of the jackal-headed bed
Manon Y. Schutz

A pawn or a power player?  Where to begin? (Ancient) Social Network Analysis and demonstrating the connections of Egypt, royal women and diplomacy in the Late Bronze Age
Kelee M. Siat

Military Awards on the Fly?  Understanding Fly-shaped Beads in Ancient Egypt
Taneash Sidpura

Surface pitting on Predynastic palettes: A possible example of use-wear?
Matt Szafran

Genuine or Fake? A comparative study of Petrie Museum’s ripple flaked knife UC16294
Ian Taylor

Egyptian society through the material culture: a social analysis of the subordinate élite at Hebenu (Zawyet Sultan)
Elena Tiribilli

From Small Seeds – A European Legacy of a Bolton Woman
Ian Trumble

The Walking Dead at Saqqara: Textual Transmission
Huw Twiston Davies

Counting Cards - Knowledge Production in the Archive
Chloë Ward

Catastrophe as a Catalyst for Political Restructuring and Innovation? Work in Progress at Sais
Penny Wilson (Keynote lecture)

Social differentiation in Neolithic communities in the Middle Nile Region
Reham Zaky

Posters presented at BEC5

Museums social commitment within Crisis: The Islamic Art Museum. Changes and Challenges
Samar Saeed Abady & Catalina Ponce Vargas

The Cairo Museum collection's preservation in Collection Management Software
Marwa Abdel Razek Mahmoud

The Transformative Power of Dress: Sobekneferu and Statue E27135
Kelly-Anne Diamond

New aspects of Ancient Egyptian tattoo
Mohga Ellaimony

Study of the territorial grid of Lower Nubia during the Graeco-Roman period
Audrey Eller

The Role of Silver as a Raw Material in the Ancient Egyptian Metallurgy
Eman Nabil Khallaf

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Reconstruct Nilotic Socio Ecosystem in Luxor West Bank during the Ptolemaic Period: The Contribution of the Study of Modern Cartography
Giulia Nicatore