Delta Survey

A British Academy Research Project

Information on the archaeological sites of the Delta is presented here in the form web-pages containing an alphabetical listing of sites. Where a substantial amount of information is available, or photographs of the site exist, links are provided to supplementary pages. The site-names in most cases are those of the Survey of Egypt maps. The material is offered as a source of reference and a tool for the planning of new projects.  The letters 'T' and 'K' in the lists stand for 'Tell' and 'Kom' respectively, Arabic words for 'mound', describing the usual appearance of archaeological sites in the region.

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This was originally a long mound of at least 1200 x 350m, and the former shape is visible in the field-pattern in satellite photography of 2006.

The south part has been levelled for orchards and the southern extremity cut by a canal; the north occupied by a modern cemetery. The village of same name lies on levelled land at the north edge. A limestone slab with a Greek dedication of a synagogue for Ptolemy VIII by the Jews of Xenephyris, is said to be from here. Alexandria Museum 19398.