Described by Daressy in 1905 (quoted by Bernand in reference on tabular page). Liverpool University concession 1995-, directed by Susanna Thomas. Only one mound survives, part occupied by a cemetery. Remains of gate of Ramesses II and of enclosure wall. Satellite imagery shows the shape of the original large site with parts levelled for agriculture and other areas overbuilt by modern structures.

Surveyed in 2007-8 by J. Trampier. Satellite image interpretation and surface pottery collection. See Trampier, J. 2014. Landscape Archaeology of the Western Nile Delta, 89-108.

Thomas, S. 2009, 'Chariots, Cobras and Canaanites:a Ramesside Miscellany from Tell Abqa'in', in M. Collier and S. Snape (eds), Ramesside Studies in Honour of Kenneth Kitchen, Bolton, 519–31.