The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) runs a variety of online events for its international supporters and others interested in supporting and promoting Egypt’s cultural heritage. Please ensure that you have read all the following guidance before attending our online events. Here you will find helpful guidance and tips for attending online events, as well as some general rules on etiquette.

As well as running our own programme of online events, we also occasionally host events by other initiatives and organisations. In any event, the views expressed by speakers are not necessarily representative of the views of the EES.

‘See’ you in an online event soon!

  1. Attending an EES online event
    1. How do I join an EES online event?
    2. What do I need to participate in an online event?
    3. What should I do if I encounter technical problems?
  2. Webinar guidance
    1. General behaviour and etiquette
    2. Questions and interactions during the event
  3. Registration terms
    1. Online events - Privacy policy
    2. Refund policy

1. Attending an EES online event

1a. How do I join an EES online event?

Step 1

Find the event you want to attend in our event listing. Select ‘Book’ and follow the instructions on Zoom to register your attendance.

Step 2

Zoom will send a confirmation email including a link to join the meeting. If you did not get an email, check your junk folders before contacting the EES. A further reminder email will be sent ahead of the event in case you lose the first email or forget.

Step 3

5-10 minutes before the event starts, follow the ‘Join’ link in the email sent to you. Enter your name and any other details needed and get comfortable (pour a hot drink, grab your nibbles, and get your notepad). If the host has not yet started the event, then you will be held in a waiting room until the event starts to broadcast. 

Step 4

Once the event begins broadcasting, you may have access to the online ‘chat’ function (depending on the event), and you can greet other attendees there before the event begins. Ensure that you send your messages ‘To all panellists and attendees’ so that everyone can see your message. Sit back and enjoy the online event.

1b. What do I need to participate in an online event?

You will need a device such as a computer (PC or laptop), a tablet or a smartphone with internet access. We recommend using a PC or laptop – mobile phones, tablets and anything with a small screen can make it hard to see the slides and the ‘chat’ function can become a distraction.

Please pay special attention to your internet connection. These are live events, so your connection speed is going to influence how well you see and hear the host and presenter. We recommend you check that you have the volume turned up, do not download any large files during an event, and close all applications that could influence the connection speed.

You do not need a webcam or microphone to attend an online event. The speaker and host will not see or hear you, though you are welcome to interact with them and attendees in the ‘chat’ function, where permitted.

1c. What should I do if I encounter technical problems?

If your connection with the event is interrupted or the video and audio become frozen, exit the event and re-enter by clicking on the ‘Join’ link in your confirmation email again. If the problem persists then you should check your internet connection and upgrade your systems before joining the next online event.


2. Webinar guidance

2a. General behaviour and etiquette

As an attendee, you are expected to show respect to the host, presenter, and other attendees. Any disrespectful, threatening, or aggressive behaviour will result in the host removing you from the event without warning. It is at the hosts’ discretion to decide whether your behaviour is inappropriate. You may be banned from attending the current or future events if you behave inappropriately during or outside of the event.

Be punctual. We recommend logging into the event ten minutes before the official start time to ensure you have updated your software and have access to the event. Any notification sent to the EES after the start time will not be picked up and we will not be able to provide tech-support to you.

You will not be able to display your webcam during the online event unless asked to do so by the host. No webcam or microphone is required to attend an EES online event (unless you are a speaker).

2b. Questions and interactions during the event

Attendees of online events will be muted during the event but may be able to provide comments via the ‘chat’ function on the event platform, as well as ask questions using the ‘Q&A’ function.

Questions in the ‘Q&A’ function will be asked by the event hosts providing time is available. Not all questions can be answered. If your question is not answered, this is usually due to mere volume and not deliberate neglect.

Ask questions concisely. Our online events are focused, so please be sure your questions are, too. Avoid wasting time in lengthy introductions, and don't self-promote or spend a lot of time sharing your opinion before asking a question. If you have comments, ask yourself if they will help others before commenting. if considered inappropriate, then your question may not be asked and may be dismissed by the host.

Do not ask personal questions or non-relevant questions during the event, these will not be asked and may be dismissed by the host.

Please do not gossip in the ‘chat’ function once the event has started. We make allowance for socialising at the start and end of the events, but please respect speakers and other attendees by not using the ‘chat’ for social talks or ‘jokes’ during the event – you wouldn’t do this in a physical lecture. Please keep other attendees in mind when you make comments. Attendees come from all over the world and many ‘jokes’ do not translate socially or culturally and may be considered insensitive.


3. Registration terms

The Egypt Exploration Society uses Zoom to provide our online events (

The registration/purchase of event attendance is for use by the registrant only and login details (webinar ID or password) should not be shared with third parties; doing so may hinder your own access, as event entry is by prior registration only. If you are found to be sharing links then you may be banned from attending future events.

It is not permitted for you to record the presentations when they are provided or live stream the events, and the Egypt Exploration Society does not guarantee to provide recordings of webinars following the event.

Responsibility for the confidentiality and security of registration information lies with the registrant. If you believe that a third party has obtained details in an unauthorised manner, please notify the EES.

The virtual event facility (Zoom) allows audio, video, questions, and chat during the event to be recorded. By joining an event, you automatically consent to such recordings.

By registering to attend and EES online event, you are expected to follow the guidance detailed above. Any disrespectful behaviour that distracts from the event will be dealt with as outlined above.

Cancelling your registration: If you have registered to attend an online EES event but can no longer attend, please ensure that you cancel your registration using the link in the confirmation email sent to you. By not cancelling, you stop other people being able to register in your place. 

3a. Online events - Privacy policy

In order to register your attendance for the online event, you will be asked for information that personally identifies you or allows us to contact you ("Personal Information"). The Personal Information that you provide us in these circumstances will be made available to the Society and the event speaker in order to run the event. To do this, the Society and its speakers will use the information you provide to contact you about the event you registered to attend and to provide more information about our event programme. It may also be necessary for us to disclose this information for legal purposes.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details relating to our use of personal information.

3b. Refund policy

Refunds can be obtained for paid events by cancelling your registration in advance of the event. An automatic refund from PayPal will be provided. If you did not purchase your ticket through PayPal, then we regret that refunds cannot be offered, and registration is non-refundable.

Updated 31st August 2020