Dr Violaine Chauvet developed her field of specialisation in Egyptian architecture with a postgraduate degree in Architecture-Archaeology (School of Architecture Paris-Strasbourg) before joining Dieter Arnold at the MMA to work on the architectural study of the mastaba of Perneb and other Old Kingdom monuments in the collection.

Violaine came to Liverpool in 2007 after completing her PhD at John Hopkins University and teaches on a broad range of topics in Egyptian material culture (such as art, archaeology and heritage), language and society.

Violaine has excavated in Egypt for more than 20 years, and is now co-director of the Mut Temple Precinct project, with Prof Betsy Bryan (Johns Hopkins University), investigating the urban development of Thebes in the New Kingdom.

Violaine became a member of the EES in 2007, and served on the editorial team of the JEA with her colleagues at the University of Liverpool until 2012. As a Trustee of the Society, Violaine looks forward to helping shape events, lectures and workshops involving academic and museum colleagues from the UK and abroad, to disseminate current research and practices in the field of Egyptology within the EES community at large. She is also committed to the EES core strategy in developing professional training and fieldwork, as well as museum opportunities, for students in Egyptology, and to foster collaboration with our Egyptian colleagues aimed at preserving and promoting Egypt’s cultural heritage.