Dr Roberta MazzaDr Roberta Mazza is a papyrologist and ancient historian who obtained a PhD from the University of Bologna in 1997. After holding positions in Italy and the United States, Roberta has been a lecturer in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester since September 2009. Her research and teaching largely focus on the Greek and Latin papyri and other Egyptian antiquities of the University’s collections. She has been a research fellow of the John Rylands Research Institute since its creation in 2013 and is also academic honorary curator of the Graeco-Roman Egypt antiquities of the Manchester Museum. Roberta strongly believes in the public role of academics, and for this reason often takes part in public events and gives talks on Graeco-Roman Egypt. In recent years she has also taken an active role in the debate surrounding the Egyptian antiquities market, organizing and participating in conferences on the topic and writing about it in her blog, Faces&Voices.