Dr Neal SpencerDr Neal Spencer is Keeper of the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum, responsible for the curation of the extensive collection of objects from Egypt and Sudan, while shaping and delivering exhibitions, research, publications and fieldwork related to the cultures of the Nile Valley. Neal developed the British Museum’s International Training Programme, which continues to host Egyptian and Sudanese curators and inspectors, currently directs the British Museum’s research project on the Egyptian town of Amara West in northern Sudan (www.britishmuseum.org/AmaraWest), and previously directed excavations at Kom Firin in the Nile Delta. Neal has also participated in EES excavations at Tell el-Amarna, Qasr Ibrim and Sais, was formerly a member of the Society’s Committee and member of the JEA editorial team (2003-2005). Neal was awarded a grant from the EES Centenary Fund in 1998 for his epigraphic work at Samanud, and holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, on Late Period temple building.