Dr Margaret MaitlandDr Margaret Maitland is Curator of the Ancient Mediterranean at National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh, where she curates the Ancient Mediterranean collections, including archaeology from ancient Egypt and Sudan, the Near East and Cyprus, and the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome, with an emphasis on managing the Ancient Egyptian collections. Margaret received a BA (Hons) in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto and an MPhil in Egyptology from the University of Oxford, where she completed her doctorate in 2016. She worked as a trainee Egyptology curator in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum as part of their ‘Future Curators’ programme, where she helped curate the UK touring exhibition ‘Pharaoh: King of Egypt’. She also worked with the Egyptian collection at the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and helped curate their exhibition ‘Catastrophe! The Looting and Destruction of Iraq’s Past’. Margaret has carried out fieldwork in the Middle Kingdom tomb-chapels of Middle Egypt, and participated in excavations at the Ramesside town and temple site of Kom Firin in Egypt with the British Museum, the Tell Madaba Archaeological Project in Jordan with the University of Toronto, and at Tell el-Masha’la, a late predynastic-early Dynastic settlement and cemetery in the Eastern Delta in Egypt. She has also led archaeological tours in Egypt and Sudan. Margaret writes an Egyptology blog, 'The Eloquent Peasant', and her blogging of the looting of antiquities that took place during the Egyptian Revolution was reported worldwide. Her main research interests include Middle Kingdom literature and art, particularly tomb-chapel decoration and tomb models, representations of social identity and hierarchy, and the early history of Egyptology.