Carl started working for the Egypt Exploration Society in 2013 when he was appointed Education and Public Engagement Manager, since then he has organised the Society’s educational and engagement programmes, fundraising, and communications. Until 2018, Carl also oversaw the Society’s collections and their accompanying volunteering and intern projects. In 2014 he assisted staff and interns with the implementation of an online catalogue as well as the retrospective referencing of the Lucy Gura Archive. Together with Kelly Accetta, Carl organised the first Egyptian Archaeology Skills School in 2014 which has run annually since. In 2018, Carl was instrumental in resurrecting the British Egyptology Congress at the KNH Centre, University of Manchester.

As Director, Carl is also now responsible for managing the Society's day-to-day operations in its London and Cairo Offices and works closely with Board, Committees, volunteers, and staff to deliver the Society’s charitable activities, research, and publications programme.

Carl has previously worked at Elephantine (DAI, 2010) and the Third Cataract Project (EES, 2019), and in 2018 he also achieved a certificate in fundraising from the Institute of Fundraising (UK).

Carl completed his PhD at the University of Birmingham in 2017 on the topic of cultural landscapes of the Nile Valley during the Middle Kingdom with a particular focus on the region around Beni Hasan (the Oryx Nome, 16th Upper Egyptian). He also holds a BA in Ancient History and MPhil(B) in Egyptology also from the University of Birmingham. During his studies, Carl was also the Postgraduate Curator of the Eton College William Joseph Myers Collection of Egyptian Art and a co-founded Birmingham Egyptology in 2011. Carl has previously taught courses on collection management, exhibition design, travellers and collectors, orientalism, Egyptian materials and manufacturing, and Egyptian-Nubian intercultural communications.

Carl presents regularly about the EES and his own research at local societies around the UK and has provided educational workshops in Cairo, Alexandria, and London.