Dr Roba Ashraf Abdelbadie is a Lecturer in Accounting at the University of York and holds a PhD in Accounting & Finance from Newcastle University, as well as an MSc in Accounting, Finance, and Management from the University of Bristol. She completed her BSc in Accountancy at Asyut University, Egypt. In June 2021 Roba was awarded an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. Her own research projects offer valuable insights suggesting that policymakers and regulators should consider the role of social connections between institutions in sustaining their financial stabilities.

Roba has lived in the UK since 2015 and is passionate about archaeology, Egyptology, and Islamic art. She is concerned that heritage remains at extreme risk in many areas of Egypt and serious action should be taken to save it. Roba was introduced to the EES during the global pandemic and was impressed with the Society’s commitment to explore and record the cultural heritage of Egypt. She is keen to dedicate her knowledge and expertise to supporting the EES.