Dr Alexandra VillingDr Alexandra Villing is a curator at the British Museum’s Department of Ancient Greece and Rome, which she joined in 2001, after working in Germany and Greece. She is director of the Museum’s research project on Egyptian-Greek relations that focuses on the site of Naukratis in the Nile Delta, reassessing Flinders Petrie’s pioneering early work for the Egypt Exploration Fund as well as conducting new fieldwork at the site. Alexandra holds MPhil and DPhil degrees in Classical Archaeology from the University of Oxford, having begun her studies in Freiburg, Germany. She has long been involved in excavations in Turkey, at ancient Miletos and Knidos. Her research centres on interaction between Greece and neighbouring cultures and the roles played by material culture and religion in shaping identities, and she is particularly interested in collaborative approaches involving different disciplines, including sciences and history of research. For the British Museum she has curated an exhibition on ‘Fantastic Creatures’ in world cultures (shown in Korea and Hong Kong) and the Museum’s ‘Ancient Greece’ website. She has published widely on ancient Greek art and culture, including studies on pottery, religion, iconography, ancient Athens, relations between Greece, Persia, Anatolia and Egypt, as well as a children’s book on ancient Greece and four conference volumes, including one on Naukratis. For the Naukratis Project she currently co-ordinates a major online publication that combines over 17,000 objects in 60 museums worldwide with archival documents, many of which belong to the Society, and analytical studies, www.britishmuseum.org/naukratis.