Travel and Exploration in Egypt from Antiquity to the Modern Day

The United Kingdom has contributed significantly to the study of archaeology and history in Egypt. In 2018, it will be 95 years since Howard Carter first opened the sealed doorway of Tutankhamun’s tomb; 145 years since Amelia Edwards travelled up the Nile; and 165 years since the birth of Flinders Petrie. Today, a large number of independent researchers, archaeologists, historians, and Egyptologists continue to travel the Nile; researching, discovering, and documenting Egypt’s ever -evolving history…

This conference aims to highlight recent research in Egypt, with a particular focus on travel, exploration, and archaeology.

Call for papers

Papers can cover periods of history from antiquity to the modern day.

Themes may cover:

  • Secular travel and exploration; including migration, early tourism, military encounters, and trade
  • Religious travel to Egypt; including pilgrimage and processions
  • Early tourism to Egypt and travel literature in the 19th/20th  Century
  • Modern day secular and religious travel to Egypt
  • Travellers graffiti in Egypt
  • Recent research of Egypt from historical and photographic records/museum archives

For more details on submission for papers and posters please visit the WMES website to download the full call out.