The 'Two Brothers' tomb group has been made an important part of the Egyptology display in the Manchester Museum for over a hundred years. It is one of the finest group of objects from a private burial of the Middle Kingdom and this year's annual study day brings together experts to review this collection, examine the scientific investigations that have been carried out and the results of the latest DNA studies. The discussion will widen to consider kinship in general in ancient Egypt. As per last year proceeds from this event will go to support the Museum's new Courtyard extension project.


9.15 Registration: tea/coffee
9.45 Welcome and Introduction
10.00 Representing the Two Brothers at Manchester Museum – Campbell Price
10.45 The Two Brothers: Health and disease – Rosalie David
11.30 - Tea/coffee break –
12.00 Were they brothers? The DNA evidence – Roger Forshaw
12.30 Picture perfect and bad blood: Funerary evidence of familial relationships
from the Ancient Egyptian necropolis at Saqqara - Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin
1.15 - Lunch - (please make own arrangements)
2.15 So what did it mean to be brothers in ancient Egypt? – Leire Olabarria
3.15 - Tea/coffee break –
3.40 Gladden her heart as long as you live: wealth, death and divorce in non-royal close-kin marriages in ancient Egypt – Joanne Robinson
4.30 Conclusion