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Many themes have dominated research into the history of Egyptology including the Napoleonic Description de l’Egypte, the decipherment of hieroglyphs, and the explorations of early travellers. But increasingly, broader themes relating to the history of Egyptology are being discussed including the influence of political conditions on the development of early Egyptology in the 19th century, and the work of the first Egyptologists as seen in their original archives.

Increasing literature and research projects highlight the interdisciplinary nature of this field which now includes approaches covering anthropology, oral history, archival research, and modern history. Over recent years, the archival holdings of some research institutions, such as the Egypt Exploration Society and the Griffith Institute, have been made more available online which now enable scholars to more easily reconstruct previously unknown details and thus contribute to our understanding of the development of Egyptology.

However, some themes remain insufficiently considered such as the rise and development of Egyptian Egyptology and the interest in ancient Egypt shown by Arab scholars since medieval times. Therefore, the current approaches undertaken to reconstruct the history of Egyptology require a scientific discussion outlining common frameworks and guidelines for present and future research and for the sharing of existing knowledge to a wider scholarly community. This online workshop brings together researchers currently carrying out projects in the field of the history of Egyptology to consider research methodologies and approaches.


The Place and the People
The Egypt Exploration Society
The Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo

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