Reassessing the Role of Elite Women in early-mid 18th Dynasty Funerary Iconography from Thebes and El-Kab 

5-6pm (UK) / 7-8pm (Egypt)

Ancient Egyptian tomb iconography has been interpreted with two main functions: successful transition to the afterlife (rebirth) and self-presentation. The funerary portrayals of elite women have primarily been explained through the former function, focusing on how their sexuality and fertility assisted in the rebirth of the (male) tomb owner. This lecture, which summarises the speaker’s DPhil research, takes a wider perspective, exploring the potential meanings encoded in the depiction of female relatives in order to reassess this gendered dichotomy in the interpretation of ancient Egyptian tomb iconography.

Ellie Jones completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Egyptology at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the representation of gender in ancient Egyptian funerary material. She is also a member of Vivian Davies’ El-Kab excavation team and of the Karnak Graffiti Project, led by Dr Elizabeth Frood.

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