The rock-cut tombs of Middle Egypt

Thanks to recent digitisation projects in 2012 and 2020, the archival collections relating to the work of Michael Apted for the Egypt Exploration Society from 1948 to 1951 at Amara West, Meir, and Saqqara can now be presented.

Apted's earliest work for the EES was at Amara West before he moved on to the epigraphic recording of the rock-tombs at Meir in 1949. 

Apted took colour slides and footage of his work for the Society and documented his experiences of life on excavation in two lectures transcribed in the archives. These lectures and accompanying images give an insight into the logistics and challenges of archaeological work in northern Sudan and Egypt during the final days of British colonial control in Egypt, on the cusp of full independence.

Apted's final work for the EES was to assist T G H James at Saqqara with the recording of the mastaba tomb of Ikhkhi in 1951. 

This lecture, delivered by Carl Graves, will present the archival images and the words of Apted to recreate these experiences for attendees.

Thanks are due to Essex Egyptology Group for funding the digitisation of the ‘To Work’ film footage by Apted. Further gratitude is owed to Julie Tomsova for her recent digitisation of Apted’s colour slides and presentation of this same topic at the EES in March 2020.

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