A View from the Archives of the University of Milan

Prof Patrizia Piacentini, Università degli Studi di Milano

6-7pm (UK) / 7-8pm (Egypt)

In the Archives of the Università degli Studi di Milano are preserved many documents related to the activities of renowned Egyptologists of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as of people who travelled in Egypt or worked there in those centuries, leaving interesting memories and images of the Egyptian sites and museums. Many letters that A. Mariette sent to H. Brugsch enlighten us on the creation of the Museum at Bulaq. A great number of notes and drawings by V. Loret are devoted to this Museum and to the objects present there in 1881. When Loret was appointed Director of the Antiquities Service in 1897, his office was located in the new building for the Museum, at Giza. Watercolours made by G. Lodi, the Italian painter who decorated that building, together with an important series of photographs of that museum will be presented. Many unknown drawings, discovered in recent years, add information on the concours for building the Egyptian Museum now in Tahrir Square. They will be shown for the first time during the lecture. In the correspondence of G. Botti is drawn the birth of the Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria. Other significant documents now in Milan belonged to P. Lacau, who worked hard to preserve the Egyptian heritage in Egypt. Furthermore, detailed information on the Cairo Museum and on the conception of the Luxor Museum have been found in the private archives of B.V. Bothmer now in Milan.

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