This course forms part of the EES Museum Studies program provided by our Cairo office since 2015. The program was launched with the principal aim of sharing and knowledge exchange between museum professionals, particularly in Egypt itself. 


1) Training in specialist areas

2) Training for practicing professionals to develop and expand their range of expertise

Additionally, this program has been modified to focus on preparing the next generation of Museum Studies tutors in order to prepare current museum professionals and scholars to lead this program in the future.


  1. Spaces for Temporary Exhibitions.
  2. Multipurpose Spaces: Designing and Management.
  3. Temporary Exhibition Project.
  4. Temporary Exhibition Modules (Local & International).
  5. Interpretation related to Exhibitions.
  6. Modes of Visitors Apprehension.
  7. Modules Permanent Display.
  8. Practical workshop and visit at the Museum.
  9. Student Presentations and Assignments discussion and evaluation.

The program will also include mini-workshops which will cover the following topics:

  • development of a temporary exhibition
  • evaluation of a current temporary display in Egypt or worldwide

This course will run each Saturday.


The course fees will be as following:

EES Members: 550 LE

Student EES members: 450 LE

Non- EES members: 600 LE

Student non-members: 550 LE

Tickets are available via the Cairo Office, [email protected] 

Tickets must be reserved in advance.