New Walk Museum is home to the most important collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the East Midlands.

Thanks to funding by the DCMS Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund, Leicester’s collection has now been showcased over two brand new galleries, entitled Life and Death in Ancient Egypt. These galleries will allow over 400 objects to be displayed, which is nearly 3 times what was on display in the previous gallery.

The first gallery, Life in Ancient Egypt, will use objects such as pottery, jewellery, clothing, games, and wooden models to illustrate how the Ancient Egyptians lived.

The second gallery, Death in Ancient Egypt, will feature four mummified ancient Egyptians, including the brother and sister Bes-en-mut and Ta-Bes who lived and died nearly 3000 years ago. This gallery will also contain funerary figurines, canopic jars, and fragments of the Book of the Dead to shed light on how the ancient Egyptian viewed death and the afterlife.

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